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*searchess for title screen music*

*finds out its horse steppin*

*finds artist behind it*

*gets more of their music*

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a new knytt game? be still me beating heart. I loved the knytt/kyntt stories games and user created content :)

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That sounds great. I'm glad I like the AC series.

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I want to play these games!

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Does the Giant Bomb Throwback tee (the zaxxon inspired one) have anything on the back of the shirt?

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Jeff's gas station change rant was amazing.

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It's not very respectful to put a NSFW image on the front page of a website that normally never has one.

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Yeah so I just a ps2. I have one at my parents house but I needed to have one TODAY.

I plan on going through GTA3 - IV before V comes out. If I start now I should have time to become unfamilar with this style of game and have a clean slate for V.

I'll try to record my thoughts in this blog as I play.

First post:

So the copy of GTA3 I bought appears to be to beat up for this ps2 (I got a slim btw). I'll be returning it to gamestop sometime in the next 7 days. I've already ordered a brand new copy of Amazon. From the little I've been able to play so far the game I've been enjoying it. It's so damn RAW. It's a cult classic and it feels like it. The visuals and asthetic the way scenes are cut.

I don't plan on being very articulate with these posts. I'll try to capture some more pure emotions next time.

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This story has an inaccuracy. The ps3 started version off with more problems than the 360 one.

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@RubberFactory said:


Welcome to my studio.

I feel dirty.