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Tom Bissell is too good at writing about video games.

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@mr_tickles said:

Brad makes the best female

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it woudn't be a patrick article without misspellings and such

"Just to be clear, we have never and would never approve, give permission, or encourage anyone to clone of any of our games."

“We genuinely care about what we do and out reputation in the indie community."

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'straight white mail'?

please proofread more

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it should be jeff or dave

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mmo? don't care

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That video was surreal. Since this delt with video games I kept expecting something wacky to happen, like the mega64 guys to jump out or something. Then I would come back to the realization that these were real people asking real questions over a real situation.

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anyone record it? I must have gone away from the stream right when it happened :(

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I'm a huge jonathan blow fan. I'll read/listen/play anything hes involved with

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When I asked, for example, about balancing the fourth wall-breaking tone of the previous games:

“It’s hard to convey every aspect of the game pre-launch without ruining parts of it that we’d rather leave for players to discover,” he said. “Max has always been a wry character, struggling to gain some kind of self-awareness, and that hasn’t changed at all. In terms of tone, we wanted something that worked well with modern body and facial animation and still felt very much like Max Payne. I think when you first hear McCaffrey start speaking in one of the early scene-setting monologues, you know you're back in Max's painful psyche.”