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So what does Gamespot/CBS get from this deal?

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Just finished the game. The ending was pretty bad. It would have been better if I didn't think the missing missions (the main dude mentions at the end) were coming as DLC.

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japene sdont want tot a bel

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@spandexmonkey said:

If someone is able to clone your game faster than you're able to develop it, then the problem seems to be with the developer or, in this case, the "original" idea.

In this case the game that got cloned was already released.

I can't think of any cases where a game in development got cloned and the clone was released before the actual game was.

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I love the look of this game, wish it would come out on pc (or consoles) so I could play it.

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Are we ever going to be able to make our own search queries?

All I want to do is be able to list all games by release date starting with the most recent. Is amazing that I can't do that right now. I know about the new games section, but that doesn't allow me to go back to the previous month.

In general the search functionality on here is very lacking.

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I've only played the demo. The enemies are satisfying to shoot, I'm a sucker for lots of breakable pieces on objects.

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so glad I don't care about WoW at all

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Breaking News!!

I've just checked out Invasion of the Space invaders from the new york public library its being delieverd to me as we speack!!

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I want read Invasion of Space Invaders really bad. I love that picture.