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I've recently built a PC in March with a GTX 770, an Intel i5 4670, and an SSD, for just under $1000. I am running every current game at max settings at 1080p. In my opinion, the card won't run everything at max for years, but in 2/3 years, you take the extra money and get another video card. I've done this with my last two PCs, and they each lasted 6 years running everything at high settings or above.

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Cool, thanks! I just wanted to make sure it won't process everything twice or something, causing a significant drop in performance.

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Hey everyone,

So I recently followed the trend of hooking up my PC to my TV for some couch gaming. I have an AMD Radeon 6870, with the DVI output going to my monitor, and an HDMI output going to the TV.

My question is this: will I see a performance drop if I run the same image on both displays, as opposed to just running one output at a time? This makes it a whole lot easier when I have to go back and forth from my desk to the couch (not the perfect setup, but it will have to do for the moment)

Thanks in advance!

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I've always loved Brian Blessed's commentary in Flash Gordon, its hilarious how into the movie he gets.

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I'm actually a fan of half.com. Its run by ebay, but each game has its own page, and its pretty hassle free. Just put it up there, and be one of the lowest prices, and you'll probably sell in less then a week, then just ship it out.

I guess amazon marketplace is kinda the same deal, so that could work too.

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I've only recently got into "collecting" games. Back in the PS2 days and before, I didn't have much disposable income, so I generally sold games when I was done with them. Now that I do have the money, I've been trying to find the games I enjoyed the most and get the full boxed copies of them. This includes all those classic PC games I grew up with as well.

Thankfully, those games either have a ton of copies floating around, or no one really cared about them, so they are incredibly cheap.

And now when there is less of a focus on backwards compatibility, but digital downloads for services that have no guarantee of lasting for more than a few years, I'd rather have something that I could own for a good long while.

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Personally, when it comes to paying full price for either, I go with a box. I just feel I get slightly more for the money, and something physical to hold in my hands. Besides, Blizzard's boxes are pretty nice and come with some nifty little stuff.

Sure, you probably won't be able to play when servers go live, but I generally can't do that anyways due to work, and at least it should install faster with a disk in the system.

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I subscribe to the ECA, and in one of their newsletters last year, they linked to the Gran Turismo 5 quick look.  I thought it was hilarious, and actually a great way to show off a game.  I never returned until the same newsletter linked to the Farming Simulator 2011 quick look, and again... i thought it was hilarious.  Then I started checking out the rest of the quick looks.... and the rest, as they say, is history.

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I know everyone here is saying it.... but I could really use that PC version!

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I agree as well.  If nothing else, get a credit card with a very low credit limit that you use for online shopping and such, that way if it is ever compromised, you don't have to worry about huge amounts of money being charged to an account.  And if you ever feel your CC number is out there, like with the current PSN fiasco, its supper easy to request a new card with a different account number.  Just did so last week, the call took 2 minutes, and no fees.

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