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Sorry - Not sure why this was posted here and not in the MKX forum.

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Just looking for some folks to follow/friend, maybe get some KOTH goin from time to time.

Live ID : lZoDDl

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Sign me up for an invite please, thanks :


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@Tyrrael said:

@MB: I stopped using the orange because there was a white that dropped of the same level that was far superior.

Please stop lying. It doesn't help your argument.

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@Humanity: If you are commenting on texture pop-in, then by definition, you are a graphics snob.

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PSA - get it while their website control data is still fucked up:


$18 and change at checkout. Let me know if i'm missing something.

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Alright so the beta information just got released.. No one on GB interested besides me and Bubba?!

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Sup all - 
Just hoping to get a good list of like-minded Gears folks here to reply with their enthusiasm about sawing, and now stabbing people in the upcoming beta.  Hopefully the criteria won't be to stringent and we'll all be able to get in!   So yeah post up and let's use this thread as an informal Giant Bomb friends list we can use when the time comes.  
I personally am most excited to see the performance of the DS's, and how their netcode handles the new paradigm for them. 

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This has got to be the prequel.  Aspho Fields --> Marcus in prison?