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300Mb. Just enough time to crack open a mountain dew, grab a bag of doritos, and order a stuffed crust while it's downloading.

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I've played a bit of ZombieU and it seems pretty awesome. I definitely wanna get more time in on that. I've played the first few worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U. TOO MUCH FUCKING WAH WAH. Controls don't seem as tight as I thought they would/should be. Overall seems OK, but I'm not super hot on it. Just barely scratched the surface of Monster Hunter Ultimate but I like what I've played so far. I'm trying my best to ignore the poor Wii graphics. The artstyle and gameplay definitely makes up for it though.

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Thanks DeF I'll look those up. I haven't played Toki Tori, maybe it'll be fun! I'm thinking Mario Galaxy 2, never played it, but I loved the original, so I'll try to grab that. I'd play Xenoblade, but yeah like you said, so pricey. Maybe Monolith will put it out on the eShop to promote X...

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Ah yes, WW and Smash Bros. Definitely gonna get those. Pikman maybe if it's good. I'm watching some Youtube videos of Mario 3D World and it looks pretty cool. I liked 3D land, so I'll probably pick that up. I should get some Wii Games that I missed out on too, now that I think of it. Should be able to pick them up on the cheap.

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So... on an whim I decided it was time for the Wii U. Some of the Nintendo games on display at E3 looked interesting, especially X (I missed Xenoblade, but I'm a huge Xenogears fan so I'm definitely down with that team's games).

I picked up the Deluxe ZombieU pack on Newegg which comes with the regular Deluxe package, ZombieU, and a Pro controller. $399 seemed like a good price.

So, I'm down for Mario Kart 8, X, Zelda U, Mario 3D Land U, mmmaaaybe Monster Hunter. Any other games I should be on the look out for in the future?

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I have gone from "definitely not buying an Xbox One" to "Still very unlikely to buy an Xbox One"

The DRM stuff was not going to strongly effect me me personally, but on principle I mostly disagreed with what they were doing and totally understood why people were so up in arms about it. Xbox still doesn't have any exclusives I care about enough to spend $500 and deal with Xbox Live fees and have Kinect forced on me, so I'm still gonna pass.

PS4 is a definite, PS+ represents awesome value, I like Sony exclusives, Sony has had the right message all along about DRM and focusing on gamers first and their system level stuff is just way more interesting to me than anything non-gaming that MS is doing with the Xbox One.

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PS4. Sony came out swinging hard and sang my song. Their message was "We're bending over backwards to make developers happy, we're simplifying our hardware to make it easy to make games for, we're opening the tent up for indie games, and we're giving our customers the best game system we can make. Oh and here's like 20 games we're working on!" ( I know it wasn't 20, I'm being dramatic)

MS wants us to wait for E3 to get excited, but they showed nothing but TV TV TV TV TV, forza, SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS CoD. Who unveils a games console and doesn't spend more than 5 minutes of an hour long conference on games? Someone who isn't trying to sell you a gaming console, IMO. None of the XBO fluff features hold any interest for me, so I'll give it a big fat pass. Plus there's all the BS PR being shoveled by MS like "the infinite power of the cloud." "The Cloud" is a friggin buzzword. It's the new "HD." Anyone else remember when everything was being called "HD" even when it made no sense? Microsoft trying to sell me on cloud computing is the gaming equivalent of HD Sunglasses. My prediction is that cloud computing will not appreciably impact any game on the XBO. See: Onlive. The infrastructure isn't there. Also, will a game suddenly turn to shit if my internet is acting up? Please.

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*haven't read thread*

PS4 - $399 to $449

XB1 - $499 outright $299 subsidy 2 year Live contract agreement OR some kind of comcast/cox bundle. Heck, if XB1 just becomes the cable box in your house (as in, Comcast replaces their normal cable box with the XB1 as the de-facto cable box) Microsoft may actually have something big on their hands.

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I'm, at this stage, getting a PS4 over the XB1 (I just can't commit to multiple platforms at this stage in my life), not because of the superior specs, but because I am much more comfortable with the direction Sony is taking vs Microsoft. It's nice to know I'll have the more powerful system I guess. I know, I know, wait for E3, blah blah. There's just no scenario in which I envision myself getting anything out of the XB1's non-gaming applications, and since the hardware of the system is so heavily compromised to make room for that crap, there's just no incentive for me to get the Xbox.

Ultimately I'd like to see the PS4 take the role of lead development platform this gen. Better to have the majority of games pushing the limits of the most powerful platform, rather than remaining mediocre and being ported up. If that makes sense...

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@Nomin said:

Who in their right mind would loan a 75 million dollar grant to one game studio?

This is how some people approach economical development. Pay companies to come in and do business in your state who would otherwise never bother because of the tax situation. We do the same thing here in CT. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't. It helps when the people making the decisions are actually competent and responsible with tax payer money (which again, usually they aren't).

It's a political move designed to make the governor look strong on the economy and claim he/she "created" jobs when really they were just handing out tax payer money. Kinda like a bribe. Makes me wonder "hey, how about instead of paying companies to come to your state, you set up a tax code that makes them WANT to come..." but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, Chafee needs to do this to save his own ass now. Next election he can't have the ads saying he threw away $75m away on a failed videogame company.