Posted by Zoidy

I play a bit too much, I have 100% on many songs on expert. And I want to get better any good advice? :P

Posted by kornholio360

100% every song on expert. Or we could somehow trade guitars. Try playing with a guitar that can't down strum...unless you use the D-pad instead of the strummer....which is pretty awkward. D: *hopes my screwed up guitar fixes itself*

Posted by Zoidy

Taking away downstrumming is like taking away my lifeblood. D:

Srsly, I'm **** at alt-strumming like you couldn't believe. Knights of Cydonia = lolno

Posted by fishdalf

Wow, that is pretty damn hardcore.
Advice? Learn the real guitar and take the challenge to the next level.

Posted by Zoidy

That's been my goal for a while, I'm going to purchase a real guitar after I get into college. I can't spend too much right now.

Posted by kornholio360

Oh god...I don't even want to think about attempting to play Knights of Cydonia on my broken guitar. D:

Posted by Zoidy

It probably wouldn't hurt my score too terribly. >_______>

Posted by L

Hmmm. Must seem like a very dedicated player then. ;)

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Ummm. Not looking? Speechless face :|
Don't know how you can get better if you already got 100% on Expert songs. Surprised face :O


Play the real thing. Very Happy face :D
ReTarDedFisHy assures you that there is nothing more satisfying than rockin' a concert for real.
It'll be a bit frustrating at first, but the trick to salvation with awesome guitar skills, is to keep trying, seriously, never quit. Read ReTarDedFisHy's bio :D

Posted by Zoidy

Yes, these are all good ideas. But then again I was just kidding with the blog. >.>

Though I do want my own guitar.

Posted by The_Real_LJ

I plan on picking up the game for the 360 soon.

Posted by Overrated_Hero

Get Rock Band D=

Posted by Zoidy

Rock Band is too expensive. >.>

And that's cool LJ.