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wasn't there somebody supposed to hang out at their location and guard their stuff or something, i remember something like that from the podcast

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I'm a fan of SC2 and DOTA2, but brad never presents them properly.

Like, what other game has gotten weeks and weeks of time on the podcast? basically none, since the bombcast has a pretty regular format with the 'what ya've been playing', usually you get a diverse set of stories from the gang, since they usually play a new game each week, or every other week.

Brad just talks about dota as his game of the week ... for multiple weeks. I understand why people don't like it. It's like as if there was a bombcast from when everybody played WoW all the time, and a portion of the cast was devoted solely to stuff in WoW every week, it would be pretty dull listening to a mmo talk every week.

On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick's hour long talk about Eve. In this case, he's talking more about the community and stories surrounding the game rather than the game itself. DOTA and SC2 have had some cool esports stories, i remember a cool one they talked about the illegal match-fixing in South korea a while back in SC:BW. I would be okay with cool stories like that from time to time, I would be okay with some International talk this week, but please brad don't talk about how you played techies this week or something.

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Patrick, edit your shit yo.

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The actual date of the event is April 8th

GOOooo Brad! if you present yourself well, you could give Giantbomb a huge bump, there's sometimes 20 000 people simultaneously watching SOTG

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good made up story for burnout, but that's kind of an invalid arguement, by the same token Jeff could've just said the story to Tekken is now the story of Heavy Rain

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oh fuck me fuck me.

i told myself that uncharted 3 would be the only game I play this semester. but the skyrim height is reaching astronomical levels

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the story as a whole felt like it was missing direction, maybe its cause im assuming that this was the third installment in a trilogy. After finishing the game, it clearly isn't. U3 felt like an "episode", the other two games felt like movies, if you know what i mean

also yeh, maybe a bit explanation and exposition wouldve been nice. Like that tarot card thing, you can't just zoom in on it, and have the characters go ohshit. and not explain it, i bet it left a lot of people confused

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@Melvargh said:

@Wiseblood said:

At the one part where you and Cutter are trying to get to the tower, I took out all the enemies in the area stealthily and...nothing. Cutter was still hiding at the beginning, I wasn't getting any action prompts to do anything. So I fired my weapon and a bunch more enemies spawned. Two of them literally right next to me. It wasn't until after killing all the newly spawned enemies that I was able to progress.

This happened to me. Exactly the same thing. All the dudes were gone, and Cutter was just chillin down behind cover. Ran around for a bit, then shot my gun. Two guns spawned RIGHT beside me. Killed them all, and then moved on.

i know exactly where you guys are talking about, and I also ran around for a long time, i just restarted the check point, and im pretty sure i mastered how to stealth that section, but i do recall a bunch of guys still apearing at the end, and thus ensued another gunfight.

happens a bunch of times throughout the game, like the one talked about in the OP, also on the boat sections too. they really had to pad the game hours didn't they

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I really liked the puzzles, what i didn't like was that, somehow, every city in the world has a secret chamber filled with incredibly intricate machinery, all made for a puzzle.

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my fav scene was near the beginning, you just meet up with chloe and she, drake, cutter and sully just start walking in sync as if they're going to fuck shit up, and then you do,

also when you blow up the cargo plane, you fly out and catch on to a piece of cargo and pull the parachute to get yourself safely landed. the entire time you're in the air, the camera is flipping the fuck out, that's something I haven't seen in a movie yet, it looked sick, really expressed that chaotic feeling