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@fobwashed: Oh snap, hahah. I guess I'll just keep hoping it goes up for sale again.

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Did you end it early? I had this open on a tab a few days ago and it said there was still almost a week...

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Worked for me as of 6:13pm CST. I have redeemed the specialization unlock, so perhaps there is some truth to that theory.

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Hylek all the way.

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Not going to lie, my suspension of disbelief was so high that it didnt even cross my mind that Carly was going to die. I actually choked up after that scene.

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@Zelyre: Hmmm... Yeah, I can see where you're coming from, it definitely does have more than a few instances of that kind of thing happening; but overall I would say that Trigun doesn't completely rely on the "wacky anime" shtick, and has plenty of other more memorable moments that don't involve what is now a cliche in anime. In all honesty, I would probably compare it to the way that FMA: Brotherhood handles itself. It has those wacky anime parts, but also has plenty of other more serious moments that are what I personally enjoy much more, and feel like are what makes the anime worth watching.

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@Zelyre: Wait, what's wrong with Trigun?

Also, the worst anime I can think of off the top of my head is Gantz. Started out really interesting, but the ending was just garbage in my opinion.