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@dwigtk: That's awesome! Good Luck! I looked into ELU as well, but ultimately decided that it wouldn't work for me this year.

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I'm gonna agree with @themightyskullboy. Binary Domain hooked me and the girlfriend in the same way that you have with Dead Rising. Though I'd venture to say that it's very campy. What about Vanquish as well?

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Joined up as soon as we were able. I'm about to set up a second info table at the hospital too! Can't wait.



Are we going to be using www.explosiveruns.com again?

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For some reason, I've been playing Skate again. That track list is pretty great.

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I think Borderlands is a great game to play with people from the start. I played the original completely solo and joining a game felt strange, even with people I knew. Then again, I started to play BL2 from the very start of the game with a single friend and I can't think of it any other way.

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Ferndale, Michigan, USA

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More Batman is okay with me. Especially since I got it free with the new video card i was going to buy anyway.

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I was thinking the same thing too. Decided to take the plunge as well. Loving it btw.