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If anyone on GB made a donation towards an entry for a Steam code HIT ME UP! There is a problem getting info from the Pencils for Promise page and I have no idea who to give them to!

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So awesome. I love playing games for charity. This time really cemented something for me: LA Noire is only good during the Arson Desk.

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FUUUUUUUUUUUDGE. Well, looks like Comcast decided today would be awesome for maintenance most of the day. Rest assured, I'll attempt streaming later today, but let the Noire-ing commence.

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@vash10 That's incredible. I'd consider making a large donation to secure that as mine if it were possible and not take the fun of the raffle away!

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So, thanks @fattony12000 for giving us a huge pool of games to THE LIST to giveaway. There are over 300 games that are itching to be given away!

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Hey there! I may not have something as awesome as an interview with Kasavin or Super Feet Boy, but I'm here to announce two things.

1. I've got about 50 Steam and Origin codes burning a hole in my pocket, so we're going to give them away!

With a minimum donation amount of $5, you can be entered into a raffle two win some games. Be sure to leave a comment with your donation indicating you want to be entered into any of the giveaways we have! There are prizes available that have different minimum donation amounts so see the Prize section in the original post for more info.

We have two 'grand' prizes tucked in these codes: one is a Steam game of choice (from @amlabella) and the other is a code for RPG Maker VX Ace for all your JRPG developing needs (retail $69.99). But see this Google Doc for a complete list. Should we get any additional codes, I'll be sure to add them to that spreadsheet and post an update.

If you have already donated, please send me a PM if you'd like to be entered in the raffle.

2. I'll be playing the entirety of LA Noire and all of its DLC starting Sat. April 11 at 8am. (I know, way less exciting)

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Man I would love to jump in on this! I'll have to see how my work schedule fits into that timeline.

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@dwigtk: That's awesome! Good Luck! I looked into ELU as well, but ultimately decided that it wouldn't work for me this year.

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