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My Mefight Club peeps seem to be losing some momentum Daily Challenge-wise, so I need more peeps. Looks like things might be winding down here too, but I don't care! I'm gonna add some GB duders on steam.

ETA: I record all my daily challenges, which are available here. It is a chronicle of failure.

I have a two month daily death montage, too! NSFW language on the rare occasions of commentary.

http://steamcommunity.com/id/zoltan2357/ is my profile if I somehow missed spamming you.

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zoltan2357/zoltan2357 xbox360

sent request

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@max_alford said:

My experience with the last level was great. I lost all but two of my guys, and killed the main ethereal with a 49% shot.

But I guess you can't lose too many countries, because after the end cutscene I get the defeat screen. It was super frustrating, to say the least.

I was really looking forward to a memorial scene or something, but instead it told me I lost, and it was like a slap in the face. I felt completely deflated. You would think they'd tell you if you're going to lose, instead of letting you carry on until the end before it failed you.

has this happened to anyone else?

This just happened to me at the end of my normal ironman run. Volunteer stayed alive, got the cutscene with volunteer making his sacrifice and saving the world...then it switched to the defeat cutscene with the full doom meter. Very strange.

In the normal run I finished before that, the final door didn't open on the Temple ship. I searched the entire ship looking for stragglers but found none. Had to start the ship over again.

Lots of bugs...

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Bandmate, flame notes, super guitar. I am not very good and regularly break combo but almost always get 5 stars, gold stars maybe 15% of the time

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It's confusing...I accidentally started a score war with MildMolasses (who's gonna kick my ass) and the only way I could start a score war with another dude was to pick some "iCarly" song I never heard of.

Thanks for clarification about the FB thing.

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zoltan2357, xbox, anything except emo, nu-metal, pop country

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zoltan2357 likes to play but is bad at it, is good for your leaderboard sons!!

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Piling on Dragon Age 2

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applied, zoltan2357

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zoltan2357 for steam/origin, signed up for NA3

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