Greatest Accomplishment

So today I became a millionaire!! My liquid assets (money in my bank account + the current value of my stock portfolio) totaled a little, a very little, over a million dollars!

I realized this is and probably will be the greatest accomplishment of my life. I was never really proud of anything i did before this. I graduated HS with a feeling of "of course i graduated that's just what you do." Went to College because, I always thought that's what you do after graduating HS. Not going to College was never an option that crossed my mind. I graduated College with the same feeling as graduating HS, and getting a job was just the next step. Each of those things are considered big steps but to me they all just felt like the natural next step in my life, nothing out of the ordinary or anything i really had to put much effort or thought into.

This however, is the first thing I've felt like I've gone above and beyond with. I'm an Engineer, and started investing in stocks 6 years ago towards the end College because i read an article that said It was a good idea, since the market had recently crashed and everything was quite cheap. After i while i started to love it, researching companies, reading reports and listening to conference calls at work. Luckily i had full scholarship, so all the money i was making now and all the money I made during college went straight into my portfolio, not the smartest decision looking back on it now. Within 2 years of working i was making just as much through stocks as i was with my salary, this kept snowballing, the more money you invest the more money you are LIKELY to make. Anyway here i am now with a million dollars subject to change at any moment, and i feel great! Growing up i just assumed you had to be born rich to become rich, so having this kind of money was always just a dream to me. Turns out all it took was a lot of work, i wouldn't even say it was hard work, it was just A LOT of work.


Well...This movie ruined my sex life.

 A Serbian Film. 

Some guy was talking about it on the radio yesterday so my GF thought we should watch it, and see what it was about. I knew of this movie, i heard about certain scenes that made me want to vomit just reading them. Now i hate movies like Saw and Hostel, hell the beginning of The Blind Side made me cringe when they showed the guys leg getting broken, but my girlfriend loves them especially Hostel because it's more campy and ridiculous. This movie is FUCKED UP! she did not expect it to be so dark and just...........non-stop mayhem. I spent most of the movie looking away from the screen, and watching from the corner of my eye. The ending.....Oh THE ENDING IS MESSED UP!!! I never want to see this movie again, at one point my girlfriend who loves these movies, i think it has something to do with the fact she is in medical field, had to take a break. NO ONE SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!! I don't think my girlfriend is gonna have sex with me for at least a month after watching this bullshit, and i can't blame her. 
Edit: To clarify i'm fine, it's my GF who won't do the deed. Not surprising, if you watch the movie you'd understand why a girl wouldn't want to jump on you after watching this. 


Deadwood, Hitman, Justified.

 So, to get in the mood for RDR i watched season 1 of Deadwood, then when the game finally came out i decided not to play it. This is because i decided i would rather watch season 2 and 3 of Deadwood instead, fucking best show ever (along with Californication)!!! 
 After i finished the show, fuck HBO for canceling it, i realized i had a total hard on for Timothy Olyphant. I realized he played Agent 47 in the Hitman movie so i had to check it out, and i have to say it was amazing i loved every minute of it. Not ready to kick my habit of watching Olyphant in ass-kicking action i checked out what other stuff he had done recently.
 This is when i stumbled upon his new show Justified on FX, he was wearing a cowboy hat in all the promos so i knew it would be great, also a couple dudes from Deadwood guest star in some episodes. The show is great and even though it's not as intense as Deadwood, it's nice to see Olyphant rocking the cowboy hat again.
So i just thought i'd tell you guys to check out the show if you liked Deadwood. Also who else creamed their pants when they heard that  Al "mother fucking" Swearengen would be playing Blackbeard the Pirate in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." Vinny should take some notes from this guy, for he uses the word cunt so remarkably well.


Time to grow up (blog post).

  Well GB, 
I'm a Mechanical Engineering major, so mind my grammar, and i've just been offered a job at Kimberly-Clark, (they make Kleenex, Depends, Scott Rolls and other tissue products). Somehow i've just realized this is the end of me being a kid, i have to grow up and go out into the world on my own. I accepted the job, but i really don't want to leave college. School is all i've known for 23 years of my life, and the thought of leaving it is terrifying. I graduate this semester, but i don't want to, i will have to say goodbye to all my friends and even worse my girlfriend of 2 years. 
I can't really vent to my friends like this because it makes me really depressed, so i thought i would blog about it. I realize most of you are younger than me and don't have to deal with life changing decisions. But man this really sucks ass i have to break up with the girl i thought i would marry and i have to leave some of my best friends just because i'm graduating. 
Giantbomb, growing up sucks. Make sure you take full advantage of being a kid in school, go crazy because once it's over it's over and you will regret not doing all the things you could have.