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Man that office looks sad.

what do you prefer they do? force vinny to do something he doesn't want to do? beside they'll get new blood soon enough.

Wow whats your problem?

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In this QL: Brad gets annoyed at the game for making him walk around a building to get to an objective!

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From the E3 demo i thought this was a different kind of game, not sure what kind but it just seemed more exciting. I haven't seen or heard anything of the game since that demo and was really dissapointed when from the QL i saw it looks like a average open world game.

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Wow this was so frustrating to watch.

In the beginning every 5 steps Brad took he had to then stop for a second. Really bothered me while watching this that i had to stop.

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This looks really awesome, the art style is right up my alley.

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Was going to get this, but when i looked it up on my Ipad i saw FTL finally got it's IOS release today, so i went with that instead.

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This looks awesome.

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Finally! I skipped AC3 and AC4 because i wanted large cities to explore and climb, not the woods and shanty towns they gave me in the last two game.

Really excited for this since the last AC game i played was almost 3 years ago.

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I had Gauntlet Dark Legacy on the Xbox and was really sad when they didn't made it backwards compatible on the 360. Good news to me!

I had so much fun with Dark Legacy, probably beat it at least 10 times with my friends. However, 4 friends in a room can make anything fun so i'm not sure if it was actually a good game or not.

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You seemed like a cool guy and the fact that we are saying this


Jack Tretton and Shuhei Yoshida are two people every executive should work to be like. Seeming like a human being is the most marketable thing you can do in this backwards ass world.

Do you follow the business world? If so you should know Tretton was extremely stale.

I don't get where people like you get this image of corporate business men being all terrible, but if you decided to watch some news and follow some of the CEO's of other companies you'd be surprised, how boring Tretton was. He is the stereotypical business man that most people, who think corporations are bad, picture.

ehhh not interested in arguing about CEOs what so fucking ever (yawn) but I find it very hard to believe you follow business closer than I do consider my professional employment and your Tretton opinions but either way what I follow most closely is games and in the world of games a CEO of any company half as large as Sony who comes off as even barely human is very much a needle in a hay stack. Disagreeing with that isn't opinion, it's delusion, so it should be no surprise that a human CEO is a fan favourite. This thread is ample proof of that and Tretton has enjoyed being liked for a long time, this year was just the zenith.

But ok, let's say your right:

Would love to see your list of videogame CEOs we should be celebrating instead.

You didn't say Video game CEO's you said "every executive."