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Perfect game to watch on youtube while i'm at work.

Definitely not going to be buying this, it looks pretty but that's about it.

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This looks so so so so good!!

The style is more colorful then 4, the balance is better, AR starts are actually viable. They seem to have learned from 4 and made the game modern but still have the arena shooter feel of the original trilogy!!

Wonder if we get to see some Heroes of the Storm this week, since it just entered Beta.

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OMG!! that art style!! Why??

Even if this won every award and was praised at the greatest game ever i wouldn't touch it because that art-style is so unappealing.

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Was hoping this was the Forza Horizon would get some love from GB, oh well maybe FH3!!

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So last year Brad said GTA5 was terrible now it's good. Before that he said Arkham City was bad but then reversed his opinion on that also.

He seems to get the games kicked of GOTY lists just to totally reverse judgement a few months later.

Oh well great list, glad to see a one that isn't just a bunch of indie games. Main staff this year seems to be the only lists were the majority are the big budget games.

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Forza Horizon 2 love!!

Horizon is getting to be better then the the OG Forza games.

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As soon as I get home I'm playing this Kanye game. That sounds awesome

I just played it, it's bad. Pretty much like one player warlords, controlling a bumper to hit way an object.

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I liked this game, i remember buying quite a few items for it on STEAM. Haven't played it in a long time though.

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Seeing everyone in the office just chilling is so awesome!

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@bill_p said:

Drew's usage of dramatic pauses and intonation is getting more and more peculiar by the week.

That is the one thing that annoys me about Drew. It takes him so long to finish a sentence, he will just pause mid sentence for a couple seconds for no reason.