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the one of the left is the original?

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@xyzygy said:
" @EpicSteve said:
" Not to be a dick, but you people complaining about multiple discs are lazy. Or if you're the type of person worrying about losing disks, you need to be better organized. To help you out, use that plastic case the game came in.  "
Seriously this. I don't get why there are so many threads about multiple discs now that we hear about LA Noire. Shouldn't this have been a more talked about discussion back during the FFXIII days? Or even Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey? Why are people surprised and why do they care so much? 

Internet forums are hives of over exaggeration.
Exactly my thoughts.

Also depends on the game i feel one disc for Deadly Premonition was too many.
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Breaking News!!!!!!!

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 Whoever did this had the right idea.
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" @zombie2011 said:
" Why is there a thread like this for every game? Who cares???

so a lot of people care, because it matters to know what this community's platform of choice for certain games is
This is a SP game, if i tell you i'm getting it for 360 what now??? What do you gain??

Also it's not just this game and Brink, there will be a thread  for ME3, Skyrim, RDR, Portal 2, every game that is multiplat.
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Why is there a thread like this for every game? Who cares???

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D the game looks kinda boring.

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They will announce they are the ones who hacked the Sony servers.

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@DaveBeFree said:
" @zombie2011: 
I do have a college degree, but I'd rather not divulge any more personal information, as I don't know who the recipients are.  
personal info? 

i'm asking what you want to be, Journo, PR, Designer etc.