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@Brunchies said:
" @beej said:
" I think it'd be hilarious if the Rachni just roll in and exterminate everything during the ending ten minutes of ME3, mostly because bioware wrote that dialogue in such a way that only charles manson could have exterminated them.  "  
If only that was going to be one of the alternate endings.  "
Thats what i want too, sort of like the end battle of LOTR 3, where those green ghosts roll in right when everything is fucked and just tear shit up. 
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Victorian London

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Because it's known that the Catholic church was really corrupt during that time.

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I Love Mondays or Video Reviews.

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Year later and people are still making these threads.

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Wow, it sounds like they gutted everything that made SSX awesome. Seriously thought this would be in the style of Amped 3, but with better tricks and crazy courses.  

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"Incredibly fucking stupid,"  like this thread?

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Played Insanity on my second play-through as a Vanguard. Now i've started my third with all the DLC as an Infiltrator, started off on Hardcore but it was too easy so i switched it to Insanity. 
Insanity really isn't that hard, which is saying a lot seeing i play most my games on Easy because i'm not that good.

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ME1 has a far better story than ME2, so definitely play it. 
Or if you don't have time just play it for a couple hours, just enough to do a couple laps around The Presidium to meet all the aliens.

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I don't know anything about this game, DA was my GOTY 09 but this one has somehow passed right by me.