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" Battlefield Earth, Avatar "

Seriously? Avatar is one of the worst movies you ever seen? 
Yes, bro. Seriously. "
So, you've seen basically three movies then, and the other two are The Godfather and Citizen Kane? That's the only way I could buy that Avatar is the worst movie you've ever seen. "
He probably just hates things that are popular, he's cool like that.
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I bought Portal 2 last week when i was just browsing Amazon. I saw it was only $35 and thought why not.

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you idiot, they're talking about Shenmue 3.

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@rebgav said:
" I would buy it on the PC like a sane person. "
no, sane people don't spend $1,500 upgrading PC's.
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The grave-mind ( i think thats what it's called) in Halo 2.

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23 when i finished college.

But before then i was only at home for summers.
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Why even put clothes on her at this point.

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the one of the left is the original?

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@xyzygy said:
" @EpicSteve said:
" Not to be a dick, but you people complaining about multiple discs are lazy. Or if you're the type of person worrying about losing disks, you need to be better organized. To help you out, use that plastic case the game came in.  "
Seriously this. I don't get why there are so many threads about multiple discs now that we hear about LA Noire. Shouldn't this have been a more talked about discussion back during the FFXIII days? Or even Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey? Why are people surprised and why do they care so much? 

Internet forums are hives of over exaggeration.
Exactly my thoughts.

Also depends on the game i feel one disc for Deadly Premonition was too many.
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Breaking News!!!!!!!