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@TheWolf619 said:
" Definitely going to pick this up. CD has done good with the series, up to this point. "
You can already get these games in HD, also they'll be like $5 each now. I have no idea why the are re-releasing these games.
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I hope not, all the stupid threads that start because of them are annoying.

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I got through most of it on normal, but had to lower it to easy when i got to the Dwarves Caves. The spiders where so fucking lame with the web stun ability.

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None of the the stuff would have happened if idiots would have stopped sending Brad friends requests and let him get on from GBTNT.

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If it aint  GTA London i'm gonna be sad. 
I don't want another Vice City or San Andreas.

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Brings me back to high school, god i miss the sluts at my school.

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I want one seeing open world westerns are hard to come by.  
Red Dead or Gun i don't care i just want more open world western games.

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@Skytylz said:
" @zombie2011: That's the shotgun biotic class right?  That'd be brutal on insane.  Soldier is a piece of cake on insane. "
Yeah, it's not hard if you know how to use the class. Whenever you charge it fully recharges your shields and the Charge has a low cooldown so if you are constantly charging you can tear shit up. It's so much fun playing that class, all the other seem so slow and boring to me.
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Vanguard on Insane is the best way to play imo. 
I'm currently playing Infiltrator, but it's just not as exciting.