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I like how bigger studios are doing some Arcade games.

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Are these games really selling that well, that they can afford to put one out every year.

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This game just didn't interest me at all.

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Thats a lot of stages.

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Nothing interests me, but i did buy Alpha Protocol and FF13 this year but haven't played them yet.

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@melcene said:
" I'm certainly on GB from the office more than I should be.  I can't imagine installing a game to the office computer though.  I felt bad enough trying to play Dragon Age: Legends from work (never did get it to work, damn firewall probly). "
it's an iphone game i didn't install it to my computer. 
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@StaticFalconar said:
" @zombie2011 said:
" A lot of those characters look kinda the same except for the colors.  "
you know that mk originally had like one ninja model and a color swap for all of them right?  "
Yeah but that was because of memory space or something, what's there excuse now? They changed up Reptile to make him look different enough from the other ninjas, why not do it for the rest.
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So i was in my office today and decided to download this game and play a little during work. At the end of my 8 hour day i saved my game and looked at the playtime.......5hrs and 18mins!!!!!. I spent more then half my time at work playing this damn game at my desk, throw in an hour for lunch and i spent only 2hr doing actual work. I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow and everyday until i beat this game, then i will probably download Zenonia 2 and do the same thing.  
If you haven't heard about this game it's an Action RPG and basically plays like Diablo but looks like and is kinda setup like Zelda. The story is kinda funny and it's just so damn addictive it's also supposed to be pretty long. Luckily my boss and all the other engineers i work with are really cool, and do their own thing or i would have to explain the lack of shit getting done. 

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A lot of those characters look kinda the same except for the colors. 

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@awesomeusername said:
" I really hope it comes to PS3. I was so excited when I saw the first footage and then they announced it for 360 and pc only. I got sad. Hopefully Sony does what they did with BioShock and Mass Effect 2 and put it on PS3. I would be so fucking happy! "
I don't think Sony did anything to get those games on the PS3.