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@Purple_Proletarius: Buy a security cable for your laptop, most people use those freshman year, but i doubt your roommates will steal your shit. 
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Wait a second, if it's 3 discs... how can it be 22 gig?

I thought the max size for an Xbox disc was 6.8 gig? Which means it can't be more than 20.4 gig in total. Unless you download that extra 2.


Didn't MS do something to make the disc size bigger or something, thats what that Dashboard beta was earlier this year. 
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I've never heard of those MMO's i thought it would be WOW.

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Sweet adds more value to the package.

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I'm at 48 hours and i'm just at the beginning of ch 13 but i'm going back to Gran Pulse so it'll probably be another 10 hours until i finish.

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Why would i hate either company?

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I bought the Wii and only have 3 games for it, i'm pretty much done buying Nintendo stuff. I have no nostalgia for thier franchises either seeing i played Sega as a kid and somehow skipped all the big games on the N64.

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No i haven't even watched any of those videos.

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Yeah i don't know why they made the entire game block puzzles, i was over them after the first night. 
Should have changed the gameplay up night to night the game sucked imo. 

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lol oh sony playing catch up as always lol .

Oh look, what a surprise! one of those people

You have to be pretty naive not to see this for what it is.

It's also a pretty weak selection, no big hitters and no exclusives.. Plus they come with what is essentially pre-order DLC, something that should have already been outlawed.

How is third strike online not a big hitter.
Because it comes out on XBLA the next day.