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The only video i saw of this game before watching the QL was the one they showed 2 years ago i think. It's was a club scene where the guy killed someone went outside and had a shootout with the cops, then avoided them by turning the lights red and green when needed.

Watching the QL the game doesn't seem as awesome as that demo made it look, it just looks like a open world game to me.

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I liked it a lot, not as much as The Wolverine, but i think it's probably the seconds best in the series.

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Pacific Rim was awesome, every thing about it was so over the top. Even the human characters were great, the scientists and the black market stuff comes to mind.

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I never got into it until i played Halo:Reach, after that i did some digging and the lore goes deep. I really like what i know of the lore, it's up there for me with Mass Effect, and Warcraft in terms of video game lore i find interesting.

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60 seems like the right price for it. It's a next gen game and there doesn't look like there is anything about the game that makes me think it should not be full priced.

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@relkin said:

Even then, it's still pretty slow; but can you blame them for doing that to those that don't want to spend money on their product?

Yes. I think it makes the game not free and therefore not free-to-play anymore. This makes my brain feel like it is being tricked and I can't blame my brain for feeling tricked (because it is being tricked) so I have to blame Blizzard.

How much money did you spend to play the game? 0, then it is free to play.

I can't stand people who complain about free to play games not giving them everything they want right away. Either spend the time to get what you want or spend money.

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I bought a Macbook Pro a 5 months later I bought a convertible Windows 8 laptop/PC i pretty much only use my Windows 8 machine. My Macbook Pro just sits on my coffee table i haven't turned it on in about a year, you can get a better Windows laptop for the price that will run all the Engineering software you need.

I run AutoCAD and Solidworks on my Windows 8 machine but i'm a ME not sure what programs EE's use.

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It was terrible, the villain was awful both of them. Why did Electro want to kill Spider-man? He adored him then in like 2 seconds he now wants to kill him. The action was pretty nice with great effects but everything else and i mean everything else was so boring.

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I ended my subscription this month, because i don't visit GB as much as i used too. I used to watch pretty much every video and read everything, but i will agree that most the stuff posted on the site now are about small indie games. Which is fine but i'm not interested in reading about games i don't care about.

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Vinnys talk of Advent Rising brought back some fond memories of that game, i wouldn't mind playing a sequal.