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I like Pizza Hut pizza it's something different. When i want proper pizza i have my places to go, but somedays i specifically want Pizza Hut Pan Pizza, something about their super oily crust and tasteless sauce is appealing a couple times a year to me.

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@ez123: Means of aiming is static but you're still not hitting it on the reticle because the fire is not pin-point accurate, it spreads as you fire anyway.

Doesn't matter, reticle bloom is still destabilizing. So like I said, the spread is the same for both except one is expanding and the other is staying the same but somehow they're equal?

Didn't a 343 guy already say on Twitter there is no penalty to hip firing? They mention it on the bombcast this week.

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Maybe the people who gave the game 1 star felt the game wasn't worth the $3.99 price tag to begin with, and now that they are charging for extra levels just make them pissed off enough to write a bad review.

I don't really see the point in this article other than you like the game and it's now getting bad reviews. Isn't that the whole points of reviews is to give your opinion, if a bunch of people are giving the game 1 star they feel it deserves one star.

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Halo is about it, my friends from Uni and I will still play Halo 3 throughout the year. I normally play games just for nostalgia rather then to experience the game again.

Halo 2 came out the same year i moved from England to America, and through the MP was the primary was i kept in touch with my friends in England. Playing the Halo 2 maps again in the MCC is probably one of the most exciting things I've done in a game in years.

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I really can't see the difference, the point where the PS4 version gets to 18fps after the smoke bomb looked just the same as the the rooftop part running at 30fps.

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Playing through the Halo 2 campaign right now, guessing it will be working by the time I've finished just in time for the weekend.

I've been nostalgia tripping so hard, I've got all these old albums loaded up on my phone including The Game - The Documentary, Coldplay -X&Y and Kayne West - Late Registration. I'm about to time travel back to the summer of 2005, I can't wait for thanksgiving when i'm back in my parents house playing this, it's going to bring back some memories.

Damn i hate being old.

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It was originally going to be 4v4 like everything else but fan feedback made them scale it back to 2v2. I guess people wanted to play it like they did back in the day split screen style.

As someone who played a ton of it on PC I find that exceptionally stupid.

Well i'm guessing most people played Halo on the Xbox so it makes sense they want to re-create their experience. You can still play 4v4 Halo:CE on the team slayer playlist.

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So I'll be honest here, I've never played halo online before, only local in the first halo which was a total blast. Heck I've only played Halo 2 to completion so this collection is seriously for me. My question is where should start for online? From what I've heard 2 and 3 should be my main focus and 4 is a bit different? Anyway there is just so much in here and I have no idea where to start!

2, 3 then 4.

I did have a big response typed out saying how Halo 2 was more close range while Halo 3 was more vehicle and mid-range focused, but after thinking about it for a while both games had maps for whatever you feel like doing. I will say even though H2 is my favorite and has IMO some of the best MP maps ever created, I remember Halo 3 being a lot more chaotic. The physics in Halo 3 were great and because of this there would be videos of people dying from being hit by a traffic cone, that was thrown across the map from a rocket explosion. More random because more maps included vehicles, while you could get this in Halo 2 only the really big maps had vehicles iirc.

I liked Halo 4 a lot too but, i was playing it just last year so i'm not as excited to play it again. Still great, maps aren't as memorable though.

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Really glad i picked up the Sunset Overdrive Bundle over the AC one, this game looks like a mess.

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@turtlebird95: Where did you hear that? I really hope they put a Halo 1 playlist in there or I won't get much play out of this thing.

343 mentioned they didn't want to roll it out until it was completely stable. You can still play the Halo 1 maps in all the other playlists, there just isn't a Halo 1 maps only option yet.

It was originally going to be 4v4 like everything else but fan feedback made them scale it back to 2v2. I guess people wanted to play it like they did back in the day split screen style.