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@Lucifer said:
" what happens when nature calls? :/ "
I guess you have to piss in your bellybutton. 
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@jakob187 said:
" @Fosssil: Wait...Midship?  They are actually putting MIDSHIP on Halo 3?     I'm interested in this game now! "
Oh man midships one of the maps. Everyone! quick rush top sword, and lets begin the domination.
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@NarcolepticBat: Get all your work done then game, that way you won't feel guilty.
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Early bird the days seem longer that way and i get more shit done.

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@AgentofChaos said:
" @zombie2011 said:
My friend lifted the front u[ while it was running and broke his. Xbox 1 breaks too. "
Well of course it broke, MS didn't want people to move the Xbox while it was running thats the reason they made the thing weigh 100lbs. 
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LIve action 

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1. Lebron James , Cy Young, Ben Roethlesberger 
2. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and  Football Hall of Fame   
3. Major League was about the Cleveland Indians 
4. Birthplace of Aviation, without Ohio you fuckers would be grounded like penguins.  

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Well at the time when RRoD wasn't under control, as in almost half the people getting it. There was no other gaming option PS3 was way to expensive for most people and the Wii didn't have any of the same games. The situation is a lot better now, some people will get it on the new systems probably but thats to be expected seeing a 0% failure rate would be crazy. 
Also search next time i remember there being a couple of threads like this and the final conclusion of everyone was that MS has gotten a lot better at dealing with the situation and have taken measures to make sure there newer hardware SKU's won't have this problem.

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E. Put it on my shelf and stare at it.