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" @zombie2011:      Machida vs Rua will be so good i am so excited for that bout. "
MEEE 2 "
Yeah, i don't know who i want to win though, both these dudes are fucking awesome.
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UFC 102 @RsistncE said:

"  the fight between Nog and Couture is supposed to be for another shot at the title. If Couture loses he may very well be done with the UFC after his contract is up. "
No the fight for the number 1 contender for Brocks belt is gonna be determined by UFC 104 Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez. Hopefully Carwin wins seeing he is a beast and could probably beat Brock.  
UFC 104 will be an awesome card Machida vs Rua will be awesome along with the Carwin fight and the Sean Sherk fight. Hopefully Sherk wins so he can then beat the shit out of B.J.
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@Blair said:
" A back stab with a spy to get a revenge kill in TF2 really makes me smile. "
Also the Sticks are my favorite way to kill people. 
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Its really not worth it in my opinion. My date and i, along with are buddies left our prom about an hour in and went to a steak n' shake. Then after prom we went back to my friends house and got drunk with everyone. The real fun of prom night is the after parties so i say skip prom and then just go to the after parties.

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Brutal Legend interests me more than Uncharted 2.

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" @luce said:
" i really liked it
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" @Bucketdeth said:
" It actually looked like a good game to me, I wanted to try it, but I sold my 360 before I could try it. "
its coming to the PS3 "
is this true? "
No, that is not true. "
they spoke about it in PTOM a few months ago. Its happening.  "
Both Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are published by MS game studios so neither will be coming to the PS3.
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Starcraft, best game ever!

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" @JacobForrest said:
"  I agree with you on everything except the art style. Cel-shading lost its luster after games were gutted with the style 4-6 years ago, mainly to lower polygon count and reduce frame rate dips. So it's not unique anymore, and though it does look sharp I do wish they rendered the game differently. Still, I don't think it will detract from the overall game, which is the important thing. "
The thing is, I've never played a cel-shaded game in my life. That's probably why I like the new style this game so much. It feels new to me. "
What? You need to go get a copy of Crackdown and have some fun.
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I lift weights 4 times a week, and i do cardio 3 times a week. Plus i take the proper supplements and i have a rock solid diet.