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" wow just wow do I have to draw you guys pictures or use puppets ok listen it's not that hard to understandconsole games that get ported to the pc ok do you understand that? ^---------------those games-------------------^  were on the console first . "
Really? Console games ported to the PC were on console first.... who knew?

Seeing we are stating the obvious here...... Did you know that PC games ported to the console were on PC first. Did i just blow your mind?
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Is that Ryan smoking?

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The kid was 9 when he started the parents are fucking stupid for letting him do this. I would have kicked the kids ass a couple of times to make him stop.

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" @jukezypoo said:
" @trophyhunter:

Civ 4, Empire Total War, Crysis, and most console games are also on the PC. Now stop trolling.

Gah I love the internets
yes but where were they first on consoles "

Your comments just get stupider and stupider.
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I get a slight pause when ever i get an achievement and i press the guide button.

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" @trophyhunter said:
"then you are done with games"
this is the dumbest thing i have heard in a long while. there are more games on pc then there are on any console
really because what you said is the dumbest thing I've ever heard there are more games on the ps2 alone than the pc "
HAHA what a tard! 

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Does he know about Home? he could be playing that : )

He should play inFamous.

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Its $49 bucks a year, well worth it. 

MS is a company so they will always try and find ways to make more money. Why do you care anyways does it bother you that much, they had tons of ads on the old dashboard also and no one seemed to complain then.
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Tales of Vesperia or Lost Odyssey are your best bets.