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2 and Brotherhood were the best followed by Revalations.

Once the games left the large cities for the woods and shanty towns of 3 and 4 i lost interest in the series. One of my favorite things about the games was just walking around the cities and looking at all the historical buildings and stuff. 3 and 4 lost this.

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Mass Effect 2 opening.

Halo 3 first scarab battle, playing 4 player co-op with my friends and it was insane just the amount of variety their is in taking that thing down.

MW2 Shepard betrayal, also saving Price. That game was just full of great moments

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I really want a lumia 1020, i bought a 5s last year but i think i'm going to change to the Winodows eco system. I got rid of my macbook pro and now have a windows 8 laptop so it would probably sync better with my current stuff.

My current Siri voice is the british guy and he sounds dumb, i don't use Siri often but when i do it's doesn't work that well.

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Infamous Second Son.

One of the worst Open Worlds i can remember, nothing about it was memorable. After i beat AC 2 and Brotherhood i still spent hours in the world just looking at stuff, same can be said for GTA 5 and Skyrim. For how short the game felt Second Son could have used a better or more unique world.

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@crithon said:

Microsoft is an odd company, you have guys who talk out loud about wanting to cut out XBox division and focus on Office.

whats so weird about that? That is what companies do, it's called re-structuring. Sony sold their PC division to focus on their TV line.

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Some are already calling the generation for Sony. It's way to early for that, but I'm really curious what Microsoft's plan is to recover lost ground.

Without competition, Sony could easily revert to the mentality that they dominate the market and dictate the rules.

Far from over, Sony as a company is crumbling. While MS is killing it, their stock hit 14 year highs today. The market hasn't been this bullish on MS since the tech bubble of '99.

MS still has the 4th largest R&D budget in the world. What i'm trying to say is MS has the capital to spend for exclusives, while Sony can't. The longer this generation goes the more we will see the overall companies outlook change the gaming space.

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Not enough turtle action in it the trailer.

Also Megan Fox looks weird did she have plastic surgery?

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i find it funny this supposedly amazing hardware is being used to showcase (albeit cool) indie games with retro graphics. it's not what i would have expected of the PS4 when it was revealed.

That's my problem with Sony right now is that they are focusing too much indie games. The games are fun and a nice addition but they should really be focusing on getting really high quality retail games. Again indie games are cool, but my laptop can run most of them at full quality, and if i wait a month or so i can normally get a bunch of them from Humble Bundle.

I hope Sony has some big games announced at E3, and not just 60 minutes of extra game play nonsense that they have been doing recently. Although with their current financial situation i doubt they will be buying exclusives anytime soon.

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Tales of Vesperia.

I really can't stand Anime, just not a fan of the artstyle of anything in the genre. I liked the game though, everything about it except the 3-4 anime cut scenes in the game.

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Halo 2: Anniversary is all i need. If the MP is similar to the originals, i will be good on games for a couple years.