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I'll be too busy playing a REAL RPG called Bloodborne. Microsoft can have their timed exclusive.

Really? Did you even play Inquisition.

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I like Vinny but Alex constant sarcasm is annoying, sometimes it works and a joke pays off. Most of the time it doesn't. I pretty much skip them now.

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Is his name Fulgore?

Was coming in to post the same thing, they just need to add Fulgore to this game.

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The games beginning is terrible even story wise. I suppose they wanted the plot twist, if you can call it that, to be a shock to some? However if that's true it's completely ruined since it's given away in the intro. For a game that only has the story and visuals going for it the story sucks so much ass and is so cliche.

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It's a popular game, it's been popular a few years now.

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GB East doesn't have their studio up yet, it will take time but once it's up more content should come out from them.

I like Dan his enthusiasm for games is a nice contrast to Jeff constant hating. That being said i did just cancel my subscription because of Dan, i don't mind his dumb general sweeping statements when it's on his twitter and his podcast since i can try to avoid those, although the twitter feed on the site is what i look to for links to stuff so that's getting quite hard now. I know he really isn't that dumb and just says certain things to annoy people, and well it worked. Pretty much decided me watching a video getting annoyed at the constant nonsense he talks, wasn't worth a fee.

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I lost interest in the HoTs pretty quickly, but thats just because i'm not a huge fan of the Zerg. The Protoss however; oh man i'm so excited for Legacy of the Void.

Also playing HoTs (Heroes of the Storm) has really made me realize how much i i like the characters in the Starcraft Universe. Pretty much exclusively pick heroes from Starcraft, maybe they are OP who knows.

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Who really cares when you've got much more interesting games on the horizon like The Tomorrow Children, Enter the Gungeon and that unannounced Guerilla Games RPG? One delay and everyone loses their minds.

Hmm i'm not sure if this is sarcasm...

Or if these are actually huge games people are looking forward to and have somehow flew under my radar.

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This game borrows so much from SimCity, all they really did was tweak a few things and fix the main issues people had with SimCity.

It's a great game, but saying Maxis/EA got things so wrong is incorrect. CO had an amazing formula already build by EA/Maxis to work with, that is why their game is so good.