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Lookin' good, fort.

Nice work, Envane. Definitely the high point so far in our home's prosperity.

But all those coffins. Damn.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@jesterroyal said:

*cough cough* You know the game doesn't have to end with vgk. *cough cough*

Yes it does! *ignores your disease because that's the type of ruler I will be*

Far too majestic to acknowledge such an insult, eh?

Anyway, I really liked this update. Can't wait for your next one.

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Dirty Elves got what was coming to them.

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Neat. I'm glad you're managing so far. Goblin invasion must be over at this point. How far in are you?

Also, your cropping skills are boss.

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@envane said:

okay .. seems ok .. getting things moving , will possibly have an update soon .. just a few questions

uhh what date was i starting on , i played for a bit and forgot to keep track , on the 24th of slate, year 58 now .. just lost track is all , if anyone can load up the save and tell me the date it is saved on , thatd be great , just so i dont overshoot and play for more or less than intended eheh

also .. how to get a quick appraiser , there is nobody with appriasal skills anymore so i dotn have a broker / any clue of wealth etc even tho seaborgium is an expert record keeper hehe ,

just got a new migrant wave , and nobody sEEMS to be tantruming . ( even zombie was doing ok (and i needed your skills so i freed you , you seemed unfazed) )

ill make an official update when i can be bothered writing more coherently

oh and i let the elk birds out




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@Shofixti said:

Samstrife is unable to take his turn due to a total lack of PC he accidentally destroyed!

Well, that's...Interesting.

So Envane is up next, then.

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Dwarf, given how much Dwarf Fortress I've been playing lately.

Do I get the beard, the alcoholism and the wrestling skills?

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In case anyone is following this thread for updates and not the other one, year 5 (my year) has been completed and has been logged in this thread now.

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Well, thanks for sticking with me. This was a lot of fun. Feel free to let me out or let me die in-game. It just seemed like an inevitable ending from the way the year went, considering the way I write.

Some immediate issues that should be taken care: we have a lot of idlers right now. It'd be good to find them some jobs. We could also expand downwards. When we get more migrants, we can expand in other ways, but it's difficult to deal with Goblins with this few people, so keeping the fort sealed for now might be good. Other than that, we should get some logs, maybe better food. I didn't do a whole lot other than keeping everyone from dying, honestly. Economically, let's say.

Uploading the save now.

EDIT: Here it is. http://www.filedropper.com/successionfort

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Nothin' seems likely to happen at the momen'. Ev'rybody is workin' on projects, engravin' slabs and making more,

farmin' and sleepin' and brewin' and drinkin'. I've been followin' around Kogsak, makin' sure he don't hurt nobody.

He seems harmless, but he's scarin' some o' the children. I thought about sealin' him up like I wanted to do

with Davey durin' his tantrums, but that seemed mean. After two weeks, he died on his feet. Just dropped dead

just like that. I hope I don't go out that way. I miss home.

I took Kogsak out to the corpse pile meself. Didn't want no one else to have to.

At least he's not hauntin' us.

Moonstone's almost over. Thought I saw Sankis today. Must'o been my mind playin' tricks.

Amost's been possessed, same as Kogsak was. I hope he doesn't go out the same way. Maybe he can help him, though

we couldn't help Kogsak. He went over and claimed a Jeweler's workshop and started haulin' over materials. I'm

followin' him to see what he does. He took lots o' gems and some gold nuggets. He's been working for a week now.

It's been a week and a half. He must have everything he needs, 'cause he's started workin' on somethin' big.

He finally came out o' the workshop, cacklin' and sweatin'. He held up a big, shiny green ring. It's real pretty.

But I've always been a man'o function. He let me look at it. He carved a picture of a mug onto it. I guess he likes

drink as much as the rest'o Dorf-kind. He calls it 'The Entrancin' Theater'. I don't understand it, but I'm glad he's

okay. I told him he could do whatever he wants with it.

A kid named Astesh came and talked to me on the 12th Opal. He told me about how his dad died and is haunting him.

He said he was really tired but his dad kept him awake, and he was scared his dead brother was going to come back

for him too. I gave him some ale and told him I'd take care of it.

People are looking at me funny, like they don't like me no more. I'm a little scared.

All I could really do was add his names to the engravin' schedule. Maybe it'll work out. I hope he doesn't go crazy.

We have enough crazy Dorfs already.

Seaborgium told me today that he's been makin' all our logs into ash for about six months. We don't got any left now.

Saw Sankis again. He waved. Waved back. Think I'm finally losin' it. Little over a month till the end of the year.

Don't know what we're doin' next year. Haven't seen no one from outside in ages. Rimtar's been luggin' around a stone chair

for about three months.

It's the 27th Opal. A liason came from wherever. Thob went to meet with him and talk about the fort. I left the meetin'

early to go sit down and close my eyes for a while. Thob came by and told me later that he asked 'em to bring some wood,

peacocks and extra plump helmet seeds. Told him it was fine. Slept for a day.

It's Obsidian now. Year's almost up. Lot o' idlers around, but I can't think of enough jobs to give 'em. At least they

have some down-time. Still, we have a lot o' drink, a lot o' food, and enough beds for all the Dorfs around. No Gobbos

in a while.

When I woke up on the 27th Obsidian, me room was pitch black. I fumbled around for a while before I could find the door,

but it was locked. Pounded on it for a while. No one answered. No one let me out. I don't know how long it's been.

Someone must have jammed it right good, 'cause I can't get it open at all. Tried kicking me way out, but there's not

enough space to do it right. Startin' to get real hungry. I guess maybe I wasn't a popular overseer. This is what I

thought about doin' to Davey and Kogsak. Very thirsty. Still no light. Gave up tryin' to get out. Should be Spring by now.

Can hear Sankis sometimes. And Kogsak. Dorden and all the other Dorfs that died.

I want to go home. Maybe just take a nap instead.

End of year 5.