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This is concurrently the best and worst video game related news I have gotten so far this year.

I can't wait to see what Frictional is working on. And I can't wait to play chineseroom's take on Amnesia. Just...ahhh.

Dammit. And at the same time, fuck yeah.

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@Nemesis2K said:

is this sexism?

im partially serious, i dont know anymore.

Considering how aroused looking at it makes me?


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How do you even know that's a statue of a woman, cis scum?

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A hard lesson.

The hardest.

Rest your souls, little Dorfs. You are at peace now. Sort of.

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@Shofixti said:

@Video_Game_King said:

So I guess it's my turn, huh? I already have an intro written out to explain why I'm coming down to manage the Fort, so I'll just get a heads up from you and start my turn Wednesday.

I'm only half way through my year. I think I may pull an all nighter tomorrow and just get it done, assuming nobody has any complaints. I know my week is long since over, so if anybody says the word, I'll upload the save and say my character just barricaded himself in the safecave

I really enjoy your writing style and I'd love to see you finish off your year, but you really have a lot on your Dorf Fort and real life plates. Take as long as you need, within reason. You were willing to grant me the same courtesy.

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@jerseyscum said:

Don't get The Missing Link. It is ass.

Do not listen to this man, Missing Link is pure original Deus Ex style gold!

I'll second this.

I thought The Missing Link was great. It corrected almost every single issue that people (or at least that I) had with the base game. Well worth it. I got it on sale, though.

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Well, I can already tell that I enjoy your writing style.

Also, that huge golden Dorf dick. Pretty impressive. If I were a goblin, I wouldn't want to attack that fort.

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@Daveyo520 said:

I am sure he is around somewhere.

Well, he is still posting in other threads if you look at his profile, so I'm assuming that he is still working on his update.

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@envane said:

frankly i found it a crazy rush to get my updates out .. so this wait seems fine .. feel extra sorry for zombie now as all that combat musta really slowed things down .. if youre not playing it full time a week is almost not enuff to get things done .. at least at this stage in the game , the early turns easily went faster because there just wasnt anything to do.. i wanted to do something with minecarts , but i didnt remotely get the time for that ... ssoo someone do somethign with minecarts hehe.

The combat was a ton of fun to write about, though, partially due to the intensely graphic nature of it. So I was fine with doing it.