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There's a minor thing that's been bothering me. The app uses the Light.DarkActionBar theme, but as it starts up the placeholder screen has the Tron-ish base Holo theme, from which there is a jarring transition. To fix it I think you just need to set the right theme for the activity in the manifest. This blog post explains in more detail.

Another request: Could you allow users to begin playback of partial/in-progress downloads? Currently if you attempt this it will stream the video alongside the download, which isn't ideal. I find that I quite often want to have a file downloaded but start watching some of it straight away.

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I can see the trouble with an icon being ambiguous. It would be unclear whether its appearance represents the current watched state or the state that would be set when pressing it.

I think a checkbox somewhere in the main content might work. It would make sense to be close to the video duration as that gives info on current played position (for those using the built-in player, at least). Maybe you could move the duration info down below the video description in order to fit an eye icon and a checkbox alongside it.

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There are a lot of nice changes in this update: setting the default start screen, pull-to-refresh and marking as unwatched are all really useful. But, as @bobby said before, I don't like mark as watched no longer having a dedicated action bar icon. I use that button a lot since I play in external video players.

Overall it's a really good update, so thanks!

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Is there an easy way to backup Watched status? If I lost my phone or had to do a full wipe it would suck figuring out from scratch which UPFs I haven't seen yet.

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Didn't work for me at first, but clearing cookies fixed it.

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Bioshock Infinite! Hell yeah!

Good list, Drew. Keep being awesome in 2014!

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