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I think its a testament to ryan and the kind of person he was that even though I've never met him i still feel as if i lost a friend my thoughts are with the GB crew and Ryan's wife

Rip Ryan

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Also you could potentially swap out the orphan maker and the Flame of the fire hawk and go with double rubis and the love thumper shield for a similar experience with more OP Health Regen

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Ok to start of there are a few item requirements for this play style your going to want

  • Mad Moxxis Rubi
  • Orphan maker shotgun ( Pirate dlc)
  • Flame of the firehawk shield
  • Legendary gunzerker class mod
  • 50 % max health relic


Above is my skill tree for said build^

This build revolves around being :

  • Super fast
  • Tanking alot of damage
  • AOE blasting everything to bits

How it comes together: You use the cursed orphan maker to drain and maintain the AOE fire blast of the fire hawk shield while you run around at roughly 130% faster then you normally would while Salvador's Healing skills and Rubi's enchantment keep you healed overall ive been having alot of fun doing this and thought i would share it with you guys. Thoughts?

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@FritzDude said:

good news is that we've already identified an issue that can cause this and have a solution lined up that not only resolves that issue but also restores any characters affected by it.

The process for releasing updates on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is different than it is on PC (where the update was released this morning) and we're doing everything we can to get this update out on consoles as soon as possible. Once we have more information there, we'll let you know.

Until then, we recommend that players avoid using the "Filter / Ignore" functionality of the Mission List.


yeah i found that as well shortly after i posted this topic however i can say i have never use the sort/ignore functionality i hope microsoft lets this patch get certified quickly

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@bybeach said:

Oh shoot..on a console? They better get on that. I'm resigned to occasional grief on PC, but console is one animal only. Big part of the whole point, no?

im hoping they are on it also however it will still take a while as the patching process is a total pain on the 360 thanks to microsoft

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I finally got hit with the freezing bug today on my 360 and it is a real bummer.

i tried clearing the cache and it helped a little but not a whole lot which sucks as i have a level 47 sal and a level 50 zero just waiting to farm for orange weapons

anyone else on the Forum plagued by this glitch and any word on a patch?

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thanks for the information guys i have no problem with jank

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Has anyone played this game and if so how was your experience with it ?

Im about to start playing it as it was free and I'm super bored.

EDIT: also i should have linked this to the games page but its been a while since a posted something about one particular game

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@Rmack said:

Best wrestling game ever.

RIP :(

Agreed !

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