Thank You GiantBomb

The death of Ryan Davis has really made me sit back and think about what the Giant Bomb crew means to me. Every week I listen to the Bombcast. Every week I watch videos and quicklooks. Passively I am entertained and my time goes by in a blaze of laughter and fun. If someone asked me: "Hey, what is your favorite video game website?".. I would say Giant Bomb hands down. They are clever and present video game information to all of us in fun way. What I didn't realize until this week, was what these incredible people do. I don't even think they realize what they do. They may not share in our lives, but they touch each of our lives in so many ways. From watching the game of the year video where Jeff is a hoarder and you say:"Holy crap! He is borderline a hoarder in real life!" Then we don't feel so bad about our own huge collections of video games and memorabilia. When Patrick gets so excited about certain games; then we don't feel so bad that secretly we love the Barbie game for NES. When Vinnie talks about the hilarity and horrors of being a parent, we catch a glimpse in the future, or have to laugh about our own kids. When Brad talks about the ant colony that parked in his modem, we realize no one could ever so eloquently talk about how he beat the crap out the modem to get the ants out before he gave it to the internet people. Drew, who will eat anything, makes us not feel so bad for trying to force our wild food tastes on other people. Ryan, whose demeanor taught us to never take ourselves so seriously. That's what these guys do for us. They don't realize it, but they share their lives with us and genuinely make us feel part of something larger than ourselves. Just a few times they were there for me:

  • Through the stress of my wedding
  • Stress of school
  • The death of two pets
  • Providing laughter at every meal
  • Long long drives
  • Just life in general

I knew I could just destress and listen to these guys and watch their videos. So I want to take the time and say thank you. Thank you guys so much. Thank you for sharing your love for games and letting us be part of your lives.

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Dragon Age II Demo

 Well I waited patiently for the Dragon Age II Demo, and I wasn't let down-- completely.
You start by getting to pick male or female (mage, warrior, or rouge) I chose rouge female because that has always been my favorite class in Dragon Age. It tells you a little story about how the champion started out, and throws you into some fighting with Darkspawn.

What I loved:

I am glad to see the game again. The radial menu remains the same which I was really worried about. Looks decent, better than the first aesthetically. The character model for the demo female is absolutely gorgeous, unlike in the first game where the female character model looked very manly. This is the same problem I felt exists in the "Mass Effect" games. But Dragon Age II really makes the female look like a female. I noticed the facial expressions of the characters look a little stiff, but this doesn't take away from the character. I am still unsure about the new fighting system, but I think it is growing on me.

What I loathed:

Okay, here is my big problem. The demo was laggy as shit. It skipped all over the place and cut off parts of cut scenes. I am worried about the final game because of this. I don't recall Dragon Age Origins being like that, but I am afraid it isn't just a demo problem. The parts where they throw you into battle look absolutely bare. I felt like they just threw together a battle sequence with no thought to the stage. I really hope this game isn't missing any visual components. I don't feel like they should have chosen those particular sequences to showcase in the demo. Also what the eff is up with the gypsy lady's boobs? I mean come on now...they are massive! Not massive in a good way, they look like she has tumors on her chest.

Overall impression:


Yup, I really got suspended for this bio.. really

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Brink is Anti-Female

Oh Bethesda, I am sad you have your name on this, and I love you. Well at least I did. I was looking forward to Brink coming out. The game premise seems fun. But seeing some gameplay footage, it was plainly clear that it's a serious sausage fest. So I look up some info on this, and as it turns out, nope you can't play a female, because apparently making women in a game is too hard. However, they sure can make some dudes that look like Easter Island statues. Great job!