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Great article Patrick. This made me very sad, as an avid member of the fighting game community it is appalling that that Super Yan was treated this way. Fighting games should be for everyone, unlike sports like football, baseball, ect there is no delta in skill between the sexes. If we want to grow as a community we need to accept everyone. I see the fighting community as a bastion for all races and would love to see it accept all sexes. If your a scrub or a pro it shouldn't matter if you have breast or not. In addition, I love hype but no person should be harassed or demeaned. The FGC community needs to recover face, first the DMG Burn your Bra issue now this....We need to either grow up and embrace eSports or shut the fuck up and stay poor.

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My only complaint is you can have a solid fighting lobby to choose from.  Besides that its a great game with tons of maddess
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I really want to play this but I need more patches!!! Obsidian games are like mummy , the more patches the better the corpse holds togeather.
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"making the title Steam-only is 'unfair'" Whats unfair is Yung and Yang being arcade only *maybe*    

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So you fight god, with goro hands, and you punch him so hard you punch your arms off??? Between this and  Neverdead we are gonna have so many games where the protaganist falls apart.
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This seems neat but does the game really need it? maybe they should have done a co-op instead of verus.
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This is going to be amazing, I cant wait for this.  Two amazing games and trophy support
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I tried this game...not for me
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This doesn't seem like a good thing.  Hopefully the extra time makes it better than Dark Void and Bionic Commando
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Got into the free year lets see if they deliver
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