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Thanks, guys! Will pretty much do everything mentioned here. Also getting used to playing with a fight stick finally so I have a LOT of practice ahead, but I'm having fun so that's cool! Sucks that I have to wait until August but oh well... Can't wait to finally start practising with Decapre, eventually FUCKING DUDES UP FIGHT ME BRO

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Played a bit of USF4 on a mate's PS3 and decided I'm going to main Decapre as I was having a blast fighting with her. I only have a PC though, so I have to wait until August for Ultra to be released on Steam. In the meantime, I'd like to practise in AE as I'm still quite new to Street Fighter, so is there a particular fighter you would recommend practising on until I can start using Decapre?

I would guess Cammy, but she's not a charge character, right? I really am quite new to SF hah

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$6 bajillion.

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Sorry should have mentioned that in the OP. I'll be using a different account on the XL (sharing with the Mrs who already has an account with the 4 games I already bought) so the guy I'm selling the 2DS to will be removing my details and setting up his own NNID etc. So I'm just wondering if the digital titles are tied to the device or will deleting my NNID stop him from being able to access them?

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Hey duders! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place and if this has been asked before but I did my best and couldn't find anything posted already!

So I'm selling my 2DS to a friend (I just bought an XL so have no need for it). My question is if he removes my account and adds his own, will he still be able to play the digital titles I have downloaded on the system? Or will they only work when my profile is in use? I've looked all over the internet and have found all sorts of conflicting info and couldn't find anything posted here about it. Anyone who has actually done this themselves who can confirm?


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Fantastic article. I've only played a bit of EVE so far (gotten deep into mining but haven't looked into joining a corp or anything yet), so I'm not familiar with the REAL EVE as such yet. Shit's crazy!

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Ouya still sux lololol

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Nice screenshots!

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+1 for always mute option. 9 times out of 10, they don't even speak. It's just a delayed repeat of the audio from the game. If this game had an always mute option and also if it remembered the last fighter you chose so it defaults to that the next time, this game would be perfect! (Can get annoying playing online and having to scroll through fighters to get to your main match after match)

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I want to buy a SEGA Genesis from eBay and get it sent to New Zealand for multiple reasons. Mainly so I can play some games that never came out here and also eBay has a shit-tonne larger selection of games to buy than the avenues we have here.

Anyway, my main question is about getting it to work. Since NZ and the US have different power ratings, is it just a matter of grabbing a Mega Drive adapter or do I need to do more than that? I have ZERO knowledge about power ratings and things like that as I've never had to worry about it... All I know is NZ uses 230 volts AC, 50Hz... That doesn't really mean anything to me.

I've tried Google but haven't found an actual answer yet... If anyone knows and can school me on this, you have my thanks!

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