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I'm currently living in rural Georgia, and my only two options are Verizon 4G LTE and HughesNet.

I went with Verizon, and while the speed is decent enough, the current plan's data cap of 20GB a month is a severe limit on downloading anything from Steam or using things like Netflix. I'd honestly rather have slower speeds than a data cap, but there just aren't any options. HughesNet offers the same data cap, at a much slower speed, for $120 a month (Verizon is $90/month).

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@jadegl said:

I regret falling out of gaming for a few years in high school. I missed out on some cool stuff, and I am trying to catch up now. ;)

Pretty much this. I played very few games during the past two generations, and while I'm enjoying going through such a rich back catalog, I wish I could have experienced a lot of it during the zeitgeist.

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@thomasnash: Sorry, I meant that hooking the boot around his head (so that the majority of the impact would occur on the softer side of the boot) would have been less painful than kicking him with the steel toe straight on. I think I made it sound like the steel toed boot would be softer than the steel on the train. Of course, it's not like he had time to calculate that and line up his shot accordingly. I was just hypothesizing.

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The guy was being dumb, but I don't really buy the argument that the conductor was doing it to save his life, or at least not specifically because he envisioned the protruding bit of metal hitting his head. I reason thusly:

The metal does not in fact protrude that far, or look like it would have caught the guys head, really. although the conductors leg is in front of it, his foot is further out than the metal. But my main issue is that I just don't think the driver was looking at it and thinking "this kid is going to get hit by the handle of that ladder!"

I don't really think that people who describe that bit of metal as a decapitation risk are correct: It doesn't look very sharp, although I accept it would be more of a risk than a guy's leg because of hardness. My intuitive reaction is that if the train was moving fast enough for that bit of metal to decapitate him, then it was moving fast enough for the conductors fuck off massive boot to represent a serious blunt force trauma risk.

But the biggest issue I have with saying that the conductor probably saved the kid's life is that with the way his boot hooks around the kid's head, and the way the kid bounces around afterwards, that seems to me to increase the risk that the kid is going to get knocked over and dragged under the train.

So I guess I don't have a problem believing that the conductor might have been trying to save the kid's life by trying to make sure he didn't do dumb things anymore, or even that he wanted to kick him away from the train, but if he did he might have miscalculated.

Of course it doesn't really matter. I only really made the post because no one had made any of these points I suppose. Maybe I'm way out.

It might not have been sharp enough to decapitate him, but it likely would have caused serious bleeding if it had hit him. And the conductor's boots are probably steel-toed, so hooking the boot around his head would have been less painful than the impact of the steel plate on his temple or something.

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That Bungie response seems... tonally different than his tweet.

Must just be me.

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I don't know about WWII, but I think something set during the Civil War would be fantastic.

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Bummer. I really liked the guy back in the TechTV days, and Sessler's Something was pretty thoughtful at times. Best of luck to him.

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Considering the cultural phenomenon that is WoW, I've always wanted to get into an MMO, but never have. I guess the single player experience is satisfying enough for me.

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Enterprise D

I'm just kinda surprised it's taken so long

Gah! I was rapidly scrolling through everything hoping I'd be the first to post this exact image. Oh well.

Seriously though, I don't think anything will ever touch the Enterprise-D.

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I try to assume that there was a perfectly good reason for being ignored (bad day, memory lapse, etc). But even if there isn't, I don't think it's worth getting upset about it. It's their problem, not mine.