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I only have a 360 hooked up right now, and I'm going to polish off a few more games for it before getting a current gen console.

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Very nice! Both facial expressions are perfect.

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I didn't post in the original thread, but my resolution was to get a better job and move to Nashville, Tennessee. Yesterday I accepted a job offer and I'll be moving into an apartment in Nashville next Monday.

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Chalupas. Always chalupas.

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I'm waiting for The Witcher 3.

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I always liked Patrick's stuff. I didn't agree with him on a good many things, but Worth Reading was one of my favorite ways to start the weekend and the Spelunkin' with Scoops (and similar series) was some of my favorite site content at the time.

I've been trying to keep up with him at Kotaku, and hopefully he'll get some long-form editorial content going soon (like the EVE piece, for example).

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I usually try to do as many side quests as I can, especially those that further the game's narrative in some way. Collectibles are fun to get as I'm playing through the game naturally, but setting aside time to specifically hunt down every little thing just isn't fun. I don't care about seeing every square inch of the world just to raise some arbitrary completion meter. More power to you if that's your thing, of course.

I've never been a hardcore 100% completion kind of guy, but I think I'm even less so now that free time is a precious commodity. I'd rather play more games in a year than spend all my time with a few doing everything. The Elder Scrolls series is probably the one exception, but even after 200 hours in Skyrim across the PC and 360 I haven't even touched the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood or an unknown amount of side quests. I just go back to it as I feel like it.

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It's already been mentioned, but I'll go ahead and second Run Button. The chronological LP of every single Mario game (currently ongoing) has some really golden moments.

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@nophilip said:

In case you weren't aware, you can use this tool to change the color of your UI/HUD in your ship. What colors are my fellow duders using? I've decided to go with a nice Mass Effect-ish blue.

That looks really nice. I don't have it yet, but I think I'll probably go for either a deep blue or deep green.

It'd be cool if the color scheme could change entirely when entering different scenarios, like combat or whatnot.

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Nice. Glad to see he's continuing this. Hopefully the Spelukin' with Scoops/Binding of Patrick sort of features will continue as well.