The Community Spotlight - 01/03/2014 (Inaugural 2014 Edition)

Special Thanks to metalliccookies for This Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Community Spotlight for the year 2014! With the end of the Game of the Year content you can expect the staff to be back in action on Monday. Until then read site engineer Danny Chi's (aka @mrpibb) end of the year review of the site redesigns for Giant bomb, Comic Vine, and GameSpot. Speaking of end of the year stuff let's give @thatfrood a round of applause for hosting the 2013 Giant Bomb Community Game of the Year List project! Beyond that I have a ton of user created art work. @fobwashed created a Giant Bomb themed version of the Papers, Please startup screen. Someone else on Tumblr took the anime K-On! and replaced the characters with the Giant Bomb staff. Finally we have WiFi_Pirate's AMAZING "correction" of Life Magazine's Farewell issue:

Stand-up Work Duder!

Clip of the Week

For the first clip we have the Giant Bomb Warfarme guild, Heavy Industries, showing off the recent community event they had. For the second video someone on YouTube decided to take the intro of Giant Bomb's Day Two 2013 GotY video and put in a twenty minute loop, because hey why not?

Late to the Party Community GOTY Stuff

You are all a bunch of procrastinators! Jesus I think I actually have more blogs this week than last week! Anyways I have so many blogs this week I'm not going to take the time to create headers for every single blog on here. So just like last week here's the GotY blogs and lists and the non-GotY stuff is below.



Community Activities

  • Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 January 5th -11th! - Help Raise Money for Charity By Heading Over Here!
  • New (Active) Giant Bomb Guild for Marvel Heroes - Learn How to Join the Guild Over Here!
  • Unofficial Giantbomb DayZ (Standalone) Steam Group - Learn How to Join the Group Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Other than World of Warcraft being weird someone recently submitted a +600 point submission to the Tetris: The Grandmaster ACE wiki page that should be seen.

Best of Blogs

There were a lot of blogs this week. My brain is so fried right now. There were so many blogs this week....

Fantastic Forums

As seen on the banner above metalliccookies has soem very notable progress related to his Giant Bomb themed Windjammers game, "Bombjammers." ZanzibarBreeze has a nine hour audio clip of the best moments of the Giant Bombcast. Finally Cincaid has his updated stats for Giant Bomb's Quick Looks.

Lovable Lists

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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As much as I love Jonathan Winters and as much as it bummed me out when I learned he passed last year, he doesn't hold a candle to Ryan Davis as far as people who hold a special place in my heart.

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My GOTY list didn't appear on this one even after I sent you that nice message. Why must you make me so sad.

In other news, it's going to take me a while to go through everyone else's lists.

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@dixavd said:

My GOTY list didn't appear on this one even after I sent you that nice message. Why must you make me so sad.

In other news, it's going to take me a while to go through everyone else's lists.

When I "joke" about bribing officials I wasn't joking. Anyways, you should be fine.

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Happy 2014!

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Just went back and watched the Halo 2 run. It was amazing. Triple Johnsons at the end just laser blasting Tartarus. All those sword flying skills.

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The latest edition of the Community Spotlight is available for your viewing pleasure over here.