The Community Spotlight - 01/12/2012

Welcome One and All!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Now onto the site announcements worth talking about. Engineer Alexis is working on a wiki redesign stuff that Dave is saying is looking pretty amazing. It's going to be a longer project, but expect major cleanup on the way wikis are formatted and written soon. The "Download/Play Now" and "You have 1 New Message!" ads are gone forever. If you see any send an email to New t-shirts and a poster are available to purchase at the Whiskey Media Store. Jeff was named the 12th "Biggest Celebrity in the Video Game Industry" by If you are a subscriber check out the second and third parts to the behind the scenes videos of the Game of the Year Content as well as the latest Jar Time video. As always remember to check out the Bomb Shelter for the latest and greatest in community created content as well as to email to get content on the "Rad Stuff" tab on Giant Bomb. Finally Giant Bomb user Focks_Macleod has created a new Persona 4 anime x Endurance Run mashup worth watching:

Community Highlights

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Author's Note: Did you find or create any showcase worthy content on Giant Bomb be it related to the wiki or forums? Well then drop a comment on this here feature with a link to anything you have created or found and I promise to showcase it next week. Also to stay up on the best of the best of the Giant Bomb Community follow me on Twitter @GiantBombSquad