The Community Spotlight - 02/16/2013 (New Site Edition)

Still Keeping it Unprofessional!

Welcome stuff happened this week. You might have heard some rumors about a new Giant Bomb website being launch. Those rumors are true Yeah, a completely new site, weird right? Over the years that I have been on Giant Bomb, and even before becoming a moderator or even a community promoter, I have experienced five Giant Bomb site re-designs. Some more significant than others; some were even better than others. I kept on using the site regardless of the issues or contrivances that I or any of the other members of this community experienced because they didn't matter. I think I can speak for much of the Giant Bomb community that I have never seen a website that I truly care for take the monumental task of rebuilding itself within a period of about a year. Yes, there are issues still, but that does not change the very special medley of friends, staff, and users who frequent this site any less special. If you disagree, then well...maybe this site and community doesn't mean as much to you as it does to me. That's fine because I have for the greater part of a year have come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe I'm a little "Giant Bomb crazy." So let's get through this, together as a community, and do whatever we can to help @snide @ltsquigs @idbloc @alexisg @mrpibb or any of the fine members of the engineering staff (sorry for @Commenting you all by the way) make this site "special." It's the least we can do after over four years of wonderful memories. So without further ado let's go over the week that was on Giant Bomb dot com, a website about videogames. That said don't accept Drobot's pay calls:

Also get well soon Patrick, it looks like you took a big tumble judging from the security cameras:

Important New Site Stuff

With this being a new site there are known issues that are still in the process of being fixed. The API will be fixed for your enjoyment by Wednesday of next week. More importantly, premium subscriptions are being extended for two weeks in light of issues with the new site.

Wonderful Wikis

As already indicated in the "New Site Stuff" the wiki is still kind of screwy. Some of you may be having points issues and others can get your submissions through. The staff, thanks to @marino are aware of almost every single one of these issues so don't worry.

Best of Blog

The site migration did eat up a couple of notable blogs that no longer exist. Also in large part due to the site being a little finicky headers aren't coming back until next week.

Fantastic Forums

Lovable Lists

For those of you that enjoy the list feature there's a new feature on the site that makes finding new and interesting lists a whole lot easier. It's the "This week's most recommended" button on the new and improved "User Lists" page.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

Author's Note: I need your help. The user activity feed is helpful but different, and the old "User Review" section on the Reviews tab is gone. Other features are visible but sometimes hard to locate so Spotlights are going to have involve a lot more out of myself and you the community. So please, and I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart, help me out. Let's make this work together.

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I will work with you @zombiepie. You have my...sword...

Great fresh new blog stylings, by the way.

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Wait, what's that thing at the top? Was @mento pulling overtime on this?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

What are you doing promoting my blog when I pretty clearly badmouthed you for what you did to the Bombcast Watitng Room? CAN'T YOU HOLD A GRUDGE LIKE I DO?!

Posted by Captain_Tolerable

That was the first review I ever wrote and I'm super stoked it made the Community Spotlight. I really hope I can keep it up, definitely plan on writing more.

Checked everything on this Spotlight out, thanks for the handy list @zombiepie!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Thanks for featuring my blog and extra thanks for putting these together every week, dude! You're our hero!

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Posted by Bollard

Nice write up! I am interested to see that Klepek Quest when I get home.

Posted by Mento

@buzz_clik: I tried, duder, but our blogs didn't make the cut in time.

Still, there's something about this week's Spotlight that makes me feel like I've been represented enough.

Posted by buzz_clik

@mento: Ha! You should make the header every week, mate.

Also (and I'm sure you probably know this already) I've just noticed that your latest entry is repeated a lot on your blog.

Posted by Mento

@buzz_clik: I think there's enough 'shop maestros around here, yourself included, that ZombiePie never has to rely on my dubious MS Paint wizardry to headline a Spotlight. I figure it's suitably lo-fi for a week where everything's broken, though.

Also yeah, that cloned blog business is mostly my bad. I wasn't sure if it had published or not (kept getting 500 errors) and didn't want to redo all that formatting, so I tried a few more times and they all simultaneously popped into existence a few hours later. Hopefully I'll be allowed to delete all the extra ones soon. Again, fitting for a blog about calamities.

Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by buzz_clik

@zombiepie: Heh, s'okay. I'll just have to console myself with my new powers that allow me to change page backgrounds. BRAD WAS RIGHT, I CAN'T STOP.

Posted by egg

Is it just me or the "This week's most recommended" button on the user lists page simply not work? It just sits there loading forever: "Transferring data from"

Posted by DaMisterChief

love the header art

Posted by probablytuna

Worth Reading: Community Edition. I like it.

Posted by Gamer_152
Posted by wumbo3000

I know this is really late, and the game is really old, but I wrote a review for Stacking. Thanks!

Posted by ZombiePie

The latest edition of the Community Spotlight is up here.