The Community Spotlight - 04/26/2013

A God Among Men
A God Among Men

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Lets get right into the big news of the week and that's the announcement that Dave is unfortunately no longer a member of the Giant Bomb team. Wish your farewells and best wishes to Dave on his goodbye thread, and join the community in changing your avatar to hardcore Dave as a final "thank you" for all that he has done for the site. You can expect that he'll be back to guest in videos from time to time, including the inevitable video conclusion of Blade Runner, but from now on he's visiting the site and forums as a guest and not an employee. This news coincides with the announcement that Matthew Rorie will take up Dave's duties as "Product Manager" of Giant Bomb. Wish Rorie the best and share your word of encouragement over here if you haven't done so already. With that let's start a new era of good feelings the only way I know...staff fan-art:

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Many Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Art!

Community Activities

  • GRID 2 PC Racers Unite! (Steam Friends List) - Post Your ID to Play With Other Users Online Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Community StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm Tournament #2 - Set for April 27th - Get the Details and Sign Up Over Here!
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Pawn Recruitment Thread - Trade Pawns with Other Users Over Here!
  • Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Steam Co-Op Thread - Post Your Steam ID to Play Monaco Online Over Here!
  • Beat your Backlog Competition - Compete with Other Giant Bomb Users to See is the Best in Completing Games on their Backlog List Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Learn all about the characters and mechanics in Don't Starve and Poker Night 2, which are the big releases this week. Finally love it (yes I said "it") or hate it Giant Bomb has a surprisingly detailed wiki page for Yoshi, much to Ryan's chagrin, and a great wiki page for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, much to Jeff's chagrin.

Best of Blogs

If you are in the mod for some video entertainment check out RJPelonia's video compiling all of the intros for the Vinny/Jeff Deadly Premonition Endurance Run. If however you want to view the stuff of nightmares check out Supernormalstep's composite image combining the faces of every staff member into one single image. Related to madness and insanity is Video_Game_King who thought it was a good idea to play Cthulhu Saves the World and some Japanese Alice game, and he is followed by Mento who has attempted to formulate a solid definition of what "Metroidvania" is and good examples of the concept. theuselessgod continues to battle his old school video game collection, and FLStyle has another event list and discussion blog for a Fighting Game Community event worth checking out. MooseyMcMan talks about his weekend playing Guacamelle, meanwhile Colourful_hippie detail his disappointment with Gears of War: Judgement as a long time fan of the Gears of War franchise. Gamer_152 discusses the good and negative implications of an online always future for video game consumers, whereas fobwashed discusses the difficulties of making good shading and lighting in video games. EpicSteve conducted his very own interview dumptruck with the artist of Divekick, and animasta has two blogs that I have long neglected to showcase and continues to highlight the need for the followed users feed to come back on profile pages.

Fantastic Forums

Hamst3r is thinking about doing another project involving him working with the Giant Bomb community! Help him decide what that would look like on his thread about his potential ideas. We have discussion threads for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Starseed Pilgrim. Finally it has been four years in the making, but we FINALLY have a staff look-alike thread so people can stop posting individual threads about people that they think look like Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, and everyone else.

Lovable Lists

Mento had a bit of a challenge for his list for this week. He challenged himself to create a list of every single Zelda game he has played and provide biographies for each game with less than sixty seconds on each without describing the art styles of each game. Check it out and see if you can do the same. Deoppelgamer on the other hand has taken the time to create a list of all of the license games, from movie to comic book adaptations that he thinks are great.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts