The Community Spotlight - 06/28/2013

Special Thanks to aurahack for the Banner!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! This now marks the end of the first week that the site has not had Patrick in the office. On a happier note Rorie has started a "secret stream" of him playing Dark Souls on, and you can catch a replay over here. Jeff would like for the entire community to be aware that Giant Bomb did not handout E3 2013 awards. If you see any publishers or developers claiming to have received E3 2013 awards from Giant Bomb report them to Jeff on Twitter on via PM. You may have noticed that notifications have been disabled. The system will be reinitialized on the site when certain bugs have been rectified.

Clip of the Week

The clips of the week are both sendoffs to Patrick is is now in Chicago. So thanks to @typographenia and @truthtellah and a very special thanks to Patrick. We love you man, and already miss you!

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run - Help Raise Money for Child's Play Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Community Animal Crossing: New Leaf Item & Fruit Trading Thread - Trade Stuff Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Other than Company of Heroes I never heard about any of these other wiki pages up until now! Luckily the recent work done on the Project X Zone, Zettai Zetsume Toshi 3/Disaster Report 3, and Varris Tethras all do a great job of explaining what the hell they are all about!

Best of Blogs

EpicSteve and charlie_victor_bravo have both made follow ups to their amateur Encyclopedia Bombasticas. Mento discusses the hell that Rhythm Heaven plummeted him into and also what the heck Gekisha Boy for the TurboGrafx is all about. Hamst3r has a song for you to listen to. ArbitraryWater has gone back to old PC games with a blog about his adventures with Neverwinter Nights 2. Video_Game_King also is up to his old tricks but for this weeks is all about video game adaptations of 90s era animes. Gamer_152 has blogged about why there's a bright side to Microsoft's' flip on their DRM policy. Marino continues to share his old VHS tapes of past E3s with a video showcase of the big games from E3 2002. PsEG played Laguna Seca on and talks about the plight that the racetrack has had on him. rasta_zergling champions Psychonauts' deconstructed level design and Billythekid knocks Arkham City off of his backlog list. FLStyle gives you an event summary of the upcoming FGC event CEO 2013. Finally thatpinguino continues to examine the protagonists of the modern Final Fantasy games and skrutop talks about the depiction of Pittsburgh in The Last of Us.

Fantastic Forums

Aurahack has created, as seen for this week's banner, the new poster for the Daily Dota video feature so check it out. Also Typographenia and Truthtella are the one that created the sendoff videos seen in the clip of the week. TheCheeto has a wonderful desktop wallpaper featuring Big Jeffrey and Roscoe "King of the Everglades." The NDA has lifted for the Final Fantasy XIV beta and you can join other users in discussing what its was like. Finally selfconfessedcynic is compiling every interview and behind the scenes video for The Last of Us and you can check out what he has thus far on his thread.

Lovable Lists

TheMastersDS has split up his games library and starts with all of the games from his childhood with reviews of each game provided. Photography and video games go hand in hand and Mento has a list of games with photographers as protagonists.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

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Posted by Fobwashed

Yay for Last of Us vids. I sold my PS3 so I just straight watched it on youTube while working and it's pretty damn fantastic.

Posted by BillyTheKid

I am on here! :D Looking at all this Last of Us stuff makes me really want it, but no PS3, means no game for me...

Posted by Hassun
Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by CornBREDX
Posted by BlackLagoon

Ah, I admit, I got a bit worried when a mod appeared out of nowhere in my notifications, thinking I'd messed up the wiki or something. Anyway, thanks for including my "stuff"!

Posted by Video_Game_King
Posted by Mento

Two-part blog and a list.

We now have a complete Famicom Disk System library on the wiki, if you wanted to feature that. Some of those pages could always use more info. Happy Year of Disk-kun, everyone!

Posted by Toadorolum

A good collection of links over here, although I fear Daily Dota is taking over Giant Bomb...

The Patrick videos are great.

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Posted by ZombiePie

Here's the latest edition of the Community Spotlight over here.