The Community Spotlight - 10/04/2013

Special Thanks to mrcakeisaspy for this Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always, and the doldrums of Autumn are drawing nearer. For those that are interested in some site insanity Jeff has posted his phone number for his Google voice account, it's 707-925-BOMB. Maybe he'll do something with the messages you leave, but no guarantees. Former Whiskey Media intern and Giant Bomb butt monkey, @mattbodega has gotten a job over at Sony! If you can wish him your congratulations. Matthew Rorie on the other hand had his PS3 die on him, but you can read about his efforts to fix his doomed consoles.

Clip(s) of the Week

We have two big and awesome clips for this week. One comes from a Giant Bomb themed mod for Pac-Man CE DX+. That and we have another animated Bombcast video segment with this one about Vinny's Terrible Wii Club Party.

Community Activities

  • Official Giant Bomb GTA V Online Crews (360 / PS3) - Sign Up for a Crew Here!
  • Warframe GB Clan Taiko Drum Contest - Help the GB Warframe Community Win the Taiko Drum Contest By Signing Up Here!
  • Extra-Life 2013 Giant Bomb Team! - Play Games, Heal Kids - Help Raise Money for Kids Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

The Giant Bomb staff aren't the only ones to jump into the insanity of ArmA III, look at what the Giant Bomb community has done on the wiki page. Windjammers is the surprise game of the week. Finally your awesome new wiki concept page of the week is "Loot Pinata!"

Best of Blogs

GTA V has been out for a while now, but the community is still a buzz about it. Mintyice discusses the trials and tribulations that he has had in trying to play Grand Theft Auto Online. Meanwhile xxizzypop shares a slice of the role playing madness that he has been engaging in while playing GTA V. MMMman on the other hand explains why he feels like GTA V and the violence in it does not work for him. Gamer_152 wants to remind you of the significance of The Sims franchise on the gaming industry, whereas Atlas extrapolates on why Half-Life 2 is still a great game despite being over nine years old. Video_Game_King decided to delves into world of high fantasy with Magika and The Wing of Madoola as the victims of his weekly video game blog. ArbitraryWater still hasn't touched GTA V, but played a slew of indie RPGs this week and shares which ones are worth your time. Mento ends his TurboMento blog series, but still keeps his TurboGrafx pain train a rolling. Stubbleman continues his blog series about video game voice actors with the second part of his retrospective of Liam O'Brien. The perennial starts of a new month means that BlackLagoon has annotated what's coming out for the PlayStation Vita, but he also shares what it has been like doing his Vita games lists for a year now. Matthew has another breakdown of a Bombcast with annotations of the best moments, and rmanthrop breaks down what he saw at the 2013 Eurogamer Expo. OneKillWonder_ points out his favorite games from this long generation cycle. GrantHeaslip finally played through Saints Row IV, but details why he was disappointed with it. On top of that a new month means plenty of monthly gaming updates and Sparky_Buzzsaw has plenty to say about GTA V; dankempster has struck out plenty of games from his backlog; MajorMitch rounded out Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends; and finally Hailinel is still talking about Vocaloids.

Fantastic Forums

TheThirdRLM is making fan art based off of the Pathfinder characters the staff have "created" for their livestream. The_Vein on the other hand is the person responsible for sending the staff the Pathfinder beginners pack in the first place, and he wants to convince YOU to play Pathfinder as well. Beyond that we have Jimmyfenix sharing his first impressions of GTA Online and an impressions board for Battlefield 4.

Lovable Lists

With the new consoles months away ZZoMBiE13 has taken the time to list out his favorite games from this generation of consoles. TobbRobb on the other hand has listed out his favorite games of all time.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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Thanks for the shout-out, comrade Piesky!

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Thanks for another update ZombiePie!

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Aw, thanks for the review mention! Actually managed to beat a game close to its release, so I figured it was better than the usual blog.

More importantly, that Nacho Davis is a thing of beauty. Also congratulations Mattbodega, Intern of Interns.

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Thanks for the review spotlight! First time writing out my thoughts about a game in such a long format. Maybe I'll do that more often now!

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Nacho Davis is absolutely beautiful.

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ArbitraryWater still hasn't touched GTA V, but played a slew of indie RPGs this week and shares which ones are worth your time.

To those too lazy to read the blog, the answer is NONE OF THEM. As always, thanks for putting my stupid internet blogs up on here.

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O how wonderful

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I feel as if you've been openly discussing Bioshock on the forums for well over a month now.

Also, I have more possible clips than I can shake a stake at:

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Here's a blog about Trevor from GTA V and also it has some spoilers.

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Here's a blog about Trevor from GTA V and also it has some spoilers.

Well look what the cat dragged in.

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