The Community Spotlight - 12/06/2013

Ryan Davis's Legacy Continues Strong!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! For any of you that have watched any of the premium live stream may have noticed that the engineers have been experimenting with an alternative to Twitch. Currently all signs point to a reformed version of GameSpot's video player being the new live stream player for premium streams, and if it works well for everyone involved a possible replacement to twitch entirely. Rorie is pinging the engineers to fix your wiki issues, but also wants you to help us fix the insane shipping costs for anyone who lives outside of the United States. Finally Hotline Miami has won the Giant Bomb community Soundtrack of the Generation contest.

Clip of the Week

@turboman has another Best of Giant Bomb video for you to enjoy this week, and this video compiles the best moments of Vinny playing Dark Souls for your entertainment. The second video comes from TheBurlapLemur who has now made FIFTY versions of his Bitesize Bomb video series which compiles the best moments of every single Quick Look on Giant Bomb.

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb Community Starbound Server - Get the Details on How to Join the Server Here!
  • Assassin's Creed IV Uplay and Social Benefits Community Hookup Thread - Have Other Users Help you Get Uplay Points Over Here!
  • Pokémon X/Y Safari Friend Code Exchange Thread for Latecomers - Feel Free to Trade your Codes Even if you are Late Over Here!
  • Official PS4 Screenshot/Share Thread - Share your Screenshots to Other Users Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Gran Turismo 6 and Starbound are the recent releases this week worth checking out on the wiki. Finally, as Patrick has clearly established as fact, Final fantasy VIII is the best Final Fantasy game.

Best of Blogs

Mento starts the month of December with a new blog series, this one is all about his Desura backlog and his efforts to tackle said backlog. dankempster has also joined the December blog series movement with his "Dan's Blogvent Calendar" feature. Video_Game_King is kicking it Japanese this week with Metal Gear Solid 2 and some obscure JRPG bullshit once again. FLStyle has the itinerary and event list for the 2013 Capcom Cup for any fighting game enthusiasts. MMMman has a confession, he use to rent video games via snail mail using lovefilm, and he explains why he started doing that as well as why he quit on his latest blog. SgtSphynx has thrown his hat into the fray and has used Pokemon Y and his re-introduction to the franchise after being Pokemon abstinent for fourteen years. ArbitraryWater played moderns games this week ranging from XCOM to The Legend of Zelda, and MajorMitch joins him in providing you a monthly roundup of the games he has played. Daneian also got around to A Link Between Worlds and explains why he thinks the game hits all of the good nostalgic notes. CharlesAlanRatliff gives you a video and blog breakdown on how long it took him to set up his Xbox One, and finally BlackLagoon annotates all of the great Playstation Vita games you might want to consider buying this month.

Fantastic Forums

I don't even think I can in good faith recommend it...but Hamst3r has opened a portal directly to Hell with his glitter .gif thread combining pure .gif madness with pictures of the Giant Bomb staff. Beyond that feel free to discuss your underrated games of the generation as well as the games that surprised you and unexpectedly drew you in. Are any of you excited for the VGX tomorrow? Whether you are anticipating trailers or want to share your predictions for the awards ceremony. We have plenty of debate threads ranging from discussing high light contrast in next gen games to Doom vs. Doom II. Finally join the Frozen Endzone beta discussion if you got in the beta and check out PilotXian's Giant Bomb decal for Forza 5.

Lovable Lists

Doppelgamer plans on using the power of video games to help him learn Japanese! Check out the games he plans on playing to improve his literacy skills. shenstra plans on playing every single Final Fantasy game and shares his progress thus far on his list. DevourerofTime shares a list of games he plans on playing before making his Game of the Year List, whereas damswedon completes his.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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I wrote a useful review about Killlzone.... I mean I know nobody cares about that game but I think its useful for...errr.... entertainment?

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My latest blog post: Can Telltale Games pull off their crazy 2014 schedule?

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Sorry for the delay! Here's the last three parts of my annual Desura check in: Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

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