The Community Spotlight - 12/28/2012 (End of the Year Edition)


Fly Away With Ryan Davis Airlines (RDA)! 
Fly Away With Ryan Davis Airlines (RDA)! 
Hello and welcome to the latest and last edition of the Community Spotlight for the year of 2012! It would appear that most of you, and hopefully all of you, survived the Winter holidays as well as false warped apocalyptic prophecies to see the last week of 2012. With the Game of the Year content coming to an end Giant Bomb is about to initiate it's week-long New Years hibernation, and as such the staff will be away for a while. If you have been enjoying the Game of the Year video content on the site remember to give Vinny and Drew a big thank you for all of their hard work and making it possible. The other notable news this week comes from our East Coast correspondent Alex Navarro who is taking suggestions in regards to his own video feature on the site. Next Patrick recorded his own video podcast discussing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors that you should give a listen to. Anyways here's to another great year! 

Community Events & Game Nights 

  • Giant Bomb Anarchy Reigns Tournament Interest Thread - If You are Interested in Organizing or Participating in an Anarchy Reign Tournament Comment Here!
  • Giant Bomb Community 2012 Game of the Year Voting - Voting Ends on New Years Eve! -  Help Determine the Community's GOTY By Heading Over  Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Let's go the Hufflepuff route this week and list all of the "other" big notable video games that a lot of users have been listing as their favorites. 

Best of Blogs 

Game of the much game of the year stuff....Some users listed their favorite games and game experiences whereas others handed out their own awards. Either way give jakob187's blog as he took the time to tabulate all of the votes for his "Most Disappointing Game of 2012" nomination thread. The results may or may not surprise you...they probably wont. 

Fantastic Forums 

For anyone afraid of listening to the GOTY Bombcasts due to spoilers check out the time stamp thread to get a detailed list of all of the potential game spoilers for the GOTY Bombcasts. There are still plenty of end of the year debating threads to give a go ranging from discussing the biggest "fiasco" to whichever game you think has the best music. On the musical note McGhee provides a forum post listing the best K Pop has to offer from 2012. TohruAdachi has taken some time out of his schedule from being a creepy raper guy to provide a skill evolution guide for Persona 4: Golden. 

Lovable Lists 

I have actually reached the point where I'm pronouncing GOTY as "Goat-e," but not "goatsie" you sick pervert. 

Useful User Reviews