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The latest edition of teh Giant Bomb Community Spotlight can be found here.

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I have this video, this blog, and this forum thread for the GB Community Endurance Run (I accidentally made it a blog post first so I deleted the blog post and remade it as a forum thread).

Yeah it looks like I Tweeted the blog. I will correct that.

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3 more this week, "Pal" not sure why I used the quotation marks.

Newest Happy Monday Duders about RPG's and my opinion on The Order.

Also started a new series where I chronicle my time with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The first entry is just about character creation and a few basic quests but the second covers the hilarity that ensues when I try to kill my first monster.

Thanks again. Always greatly appreciated.

I got it, thanks!

Just made a thread for an event going on at my college about women making games!

That sounds great! Please keep me and the rest of the community updated on the experience.

I wrote about Assassin's Creed so you don't have to come on Steam and harass me for a review this week.

Then I will bug you here...what are you wearing today? I want the deets.

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Well, there's this thing, this thing and then also this thing.

It was a trifecta week for you!

Great stuff as always!

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@hatking: Yup, that is awesome, thanks for that!

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I feel right with myself. I'm down here, a new god who has found a calling.

I am a beautiful animal!

I am a destroyer of worlds!

...I mean uh, that's cool I guess. Thanks for the notification.

I have no idea what this means, or where this came from...thank you.

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@marino said:

@zombiepie: You're dead to me.

As dead as Bret Hart's career after a kick from Goldberg.

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Whoops, it looks like I never sent the notifications to the users that got featured on this edition of the Community Spotlight. Well a hearty congratulations is in store for:

Artwork: @fobwashed (Eyes of Ryckert) and @havochq (Captain Ryckery TNG Game)

Activities: @marino (PAX Guide also Goldberg was a better WCW wrestler than Bret Hart) and @hellerphant (Frozen Cortex Duders League)

Blogs: @havochq (Make it so Number One), @twolines (I dream of electric sheep and I'm a zombie), @aurahack (Trying to make the next Pokemon Cards), @thatpinguino (Nostalgia or NosCon a.k.a. the most frustrating wiki page on the site), @mooseymcman (PlayStation Plus Catch-up), @flstyle (Winter Brawl 9), @matthew (Welcome back duder!), @ford_dent (Only the darkest of Dark Dungeons in your blog), @bboymaestro (Baby, I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!), @n7 (Enjoying a PS4 blog), @jbg4 (Yeah...you wrote stuff...a LOT of stuff), and @vincentavatar (Sword Coast Legends)

Forums: @fobwashed (You "punched out" some great artwork this week!), @driveuplife (The Great Majora's Mask Debate!), @flstyle (Capcom Pro Tour 2015), @deathtrap (Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapon Discussion), @frostyryan (Best Shotgun in Video Games Debate)

Lists: @brodehouse (2006 AND 1993; Keep up the great work!) and @arkid (How Has Your "Addiction" Improved?)

Reviews: @dinoracha (The Sims 4), @vert_vermillion (Majora's Mask 3D), and @jaypb08 (Syphon Filter)

Great work everyone! Please check everything out and keep me updated about all of the best stuff on the site.

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I Tweeted this forum topic, and this is the response I got from Rich Gallup:

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The latest edition of teh Giant Bomb Community Spotlight can be found over here.

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Gods and Generals. I don't think a single second of that game worked the way it should. I know it's popular to be all nice and stuff about game development and say "hey, it's hard" and "this was someone's labor of love," but some games are complete and terrible shit from conception to delivery and this is shining example of how true it is.

Gods and Generals is also responsible for one of the best reviews from classic GameSpot.

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This is some amazing work and I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately I can never go to PAX due to work obligations.