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@chaser324: Good work as always, but Ice Cube would want...no DEMAND that you finish what you start!

@fobwashed: LIncolnforce...explain yourself.

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The end of the week batch of notifications go out to:

@jeffrud (Thanks as always for raising money for kids!) @grantheaslip (Who now joins the "Hatsune FREAKUS") @morecowbell24 (Dark Souls is not a known cure for fevers) @mikelemmer @video_game_king (Whose "theme" this week speaks for itself) @goranp (POKEMANS!) @wess (MORE POKEMANS!) @mento (Front-runner for "Worst British Mod of 2014") @nickzonak(Just try to break the GB user tradition of actually making a completed joke game...unlike @chaser324) @fobwashed (Thanks for the T-shirt nonsense) @marino (Thanks for the PAX nonsense) @humanity (Your wallpaper will be the banner for this week's Spotlight!) @yummylee (Thanks for the Crisis Center Tampa Bay review!) @gyrfal (Great Sleeping Dawgs blog!) @cottoneud (This is the best you people will get for a "new endurance run") @bushpusherr (But what if I need trees in volume?) @hero_swe (SKYRIM!)

Great work everyone! You'll have something on the next edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight!

It was a slim week all things consider, but given PAX East was this week that is at least partially understandable. Anyways if you see anything from OTHER users, and not just yourself, that is awesome post me a link to here.

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@mattyftm said:

@mb: Wait, why would you get a top hat from a haberdashery? A haberdasher sells sewing equipment like needles, thread and buttons.

In American English a "haberdasher" is a custom or clothing outfitter for men:

Speak Proper English Communist Panda!

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@krataur said:

@unclebenny said:

@crusader8463 said:

Please stop referring to them as Soda. It's racists and extremely insulting. They prefer to be called pop.

You must from the NE part of the country, I will refer to your region as a linguistic dumpster. Down here in Texas, they'd be referred to as Coke. Coke Dater Pro for life.

Edit: I don't even know if it's NE part, never mind.

Fuck no. We here in the northeast know soda is called soda. He's probably from the midwest.

Can't we all get along and just call it "cola" as a compromise?

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Actually, the princess motifs come in a much later blog. This week, it was just crappy adventure games and mediocre beat-em-ups.

Oh boy/girl?

Oh man. That high school yearbook photo is... something else.

We all have embarrassing high school yearbook photos. All of us.

No one peers into my soul like Jeffrey Gerstmann can.

Except Dave Lang.

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The latest edition of the Spotlight is up here.

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@pimblycharles: The first night was a lean-to...the second night required some "creative" thinking to make it work because much of the area had become overrun with poison oak due to the light showers from last week.

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If I remember correctly, you could technically see all the features in the cave. It was just really, really dark. And on a Game Boy screen.

"Visible Features...Sure"

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So I have a funny story about the Rock Tunnel. Back when Pokemon Red has just been released there was a debate that I had with a couple of friends pertaining to the Rock Tunnel. The debate pertained to if one could traverse through "Flash recommended" tunnels without using Flash, or if the game secretly placed a "gate" for these tunnels and didn't recognize user directional inputs unless Flash was active or already implemented in those specific tunnels.

So on my first attempt to get through the Rock Tunnel...on my first playthrough....I decided to trek through the entire Rock Tunnel without EVER using Flash. Armed with a Prima Games Guide and plenty of escape ropes I embarked on a ~4 hour experiment (mind you I was a child, and doing this alone) to get through the tunnel.

You can totally do it by the way, but exacerbates every other difficult aspect about the tunnel you have already mentioned in this blog.