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This is for the weekly Spotlight and not for the old Spotlight. This is more for my own sake as opposed to you entertainment, but you will notice that some of the entries have my commentary attached.

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Posted By takashichea

This is a remarkable list, Zombiepie! Wow, 531 pages and counting.

For me, I'm documenting FoxxFireArt's community spotlights over at Anime Vice.

In 2011, we had 34 community spotlights, but I haven't finished the list. Right now, I'm in July with 230 spotlighted pages. I'm halfway done. In 2012, we currently have 173 pages.

I have a question: How many pages did you spotlighted in 2011? I could go through the list and count if you like. I'm done with school.

Thanks for your comment on the Fire Emblem wiki pages! I'm sure this inspire new fans to try out the franchise's games and wiki editors to try their best. By the way, I already recommended your list.

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Posted By MooseyMcMan

Awesome list!

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Posted By ZombiePie

@medacris said:

I hope someday I can get up to the rank of these awesome wiki pages myself.

It's not that hard. Everyone has at least one classic or obscure video game that they know a lot about and has a blank wiki page. For me it was Sinistar, and now Jeff considers the wiki page for that game one of the best on Giant Bomb.

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Posted By medacris

I hope someday I can get up to the rank of these awesome wiki pages myself.

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Posted By ZombiePie

I'm gonna do this...I'm going to keep this up to date starting today.

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Edited By Paulrus

When did you spotlight the machinima page? I'm very proud of that one. When I first found it it was nothing but a single image and a couple games.

EDIT: Feb. 17 of this year. And you even noted my Atari list. Nice.

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Posted By Guided_By_Tigers

Game Reference page is also notable because it is a group effort.....a lot of people have contributed to that page to make it what it is....I'm also rather proud about my AI Analysis of NBA Jam so its nice for that to get spotlighted even though I would have never knew it was spotlighted if I hadn't checked out this list.

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Posted By ahoodedfigure

It's hard for me NOT to recommend a page that has at least one wiki that I worked on :)

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Posted By Video_Game_King

To be fair, the only reason I recommended that page was for the weird furry pic. Why is there a furry pic on that page? It has nothing to do with chicken suits in games, but you can't remove it, since there's technically no nudity.