Games That I Have had Spoiled as a Result of Being a Mod on GB

I'm truly honored being a member of the Giant Bomb mod community however it has come with its fair share of expected consequences. One of the most prevalent consequences is that wiki editing can spoil some big titles before I buy them. I'll try not to spoil anything for you guys here but it's best to be careful with this list:

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Posted by JJWeatherman

It'll be funny to see low long this list gets. Well, funny for everyone else at least.

Posted by ZombiePie
@JJWeatherman:  As you made this comment ten more games came to mind and I approved edits for Starcraft II...
Posted by JJWeatherman
@ZombiePie said:
" @JJWeatherman:  As you made this comment ten more games came to mind and I approved edits for Starcraft II... "
Ha. Exponential growth already. I like it.
Posted by mracoon

I need to make a list like this.

Posted by Crono

Funny list.  I'm more of a multiplayer guy myself so if a game's story is ruined for me its fine because I don't have much invested in the story to begin with, but if you like game narratives I bet this has to suck just a little.

Posted by ZombiePie
@mracoon:  It's now happening at a faster rate...Either that or now I'm more aware of it. When it's for a game I really want to play it straight up sucks.
Posted by hedfone

man that sucks

Posted by Red12b

dude... this sucks. 
Sorry man.

Posted by Hailinel

As the creator and author of the MB page, sorry, dude.
Posted by jorbear

I feel so sorry about the RDR one...

Posted by ZombiePie
@jorbear said:
" I feel so sorry about the RDR one... "
Yeah I am also...again that one sucks the most of all.
Posted by Aonarach

Heh.  See this list totally discourages me from ever wanting your job. ;)

Posted by LordAndrew

I do a good deal of anti-vandalism patrolling on Wikipedia, and through the course of my patrolling I have had a good deal of things spoiled. Not just game, but films, TV series, etc. I seem to be drawn to those sorts of articles when they pop up, even though they're the ones I'm most likely to regret.
And then on the Whiskey sites, I do image moderation and frequently check out the newest character pages added to the site. Also a bad idea.

Posted by Kyle

I also had RDR spoiled for me on GB. The difference was that someone did it to me maliciously. I wanted to reach through the intertubes and crush his windpipe.

Posted by Marlowefire

Maybe the mods should make a list of who wants to play what, so you guys know someone will Edit mostly games they dont care to play, or care to have spoiled, and then all the mods can be happier? I dont know how feasible that is, but it might be worth a try. 
Mod A doesnt care about Games A, B and C,  but wants to play D and E
Mod B doesnt care about games A, C, and D , but wants to play B and E
Mod C doesnt care about games B, C, and E,  but wants to play A and D
So mod B would obviously edit game D, and anyone could edit game C, and Mod A could edit game A and B, and mod C could edit game B.  
Just a suggestion. 

Posted by ZombiePie
@Marlowefire:  There's no need to make wiki modding a complicated matter. Also I am at fault for not just doing a keyword search without reading the actual articles anyways.
Posted by Brackynews

I could talk a lot about the quality of game endings in general, but the simple fact is I am never concerned by spoilers. I care a great deal about the story of a game, but the trade off to that is that I care about more than just its ending or plot twists. As with life, the interesting part is about getting there; we all really know how it's going to end.

Just like people that re-read mystery novels time and again, after I finish the game once I'll know the ending anyway.  Also I have a lot of theatrical experience, so suspending my disbelief for dozens of performances isn't a problem.  What matters to me is, the story being good enough to still pay attention the second/third time.  Take Heavy Rain as an example.  How can you see that character with fresh eyes every time you start over to watch a different branch of the story?  Well, it's a different branch of the story! You will learn something else about all the characters. Then you start to notice subtle tells, and how the game director chooses to reveal the plot and motivations.
Finally, as the player you do have some control. Can you also act in a way contrary to who you think the character is? Unfortunately game design really limits us to about 3 notches on a moral scale of black/white/grey, but as a bit of human drama stories are most significant when we can change how they affect us, and therein change ourselves.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Shit dude thats harsh :/ I had a media black out just before RDR was released and continued it into the game.  Unfortunatly because its such a big game and I take my sweet time getting through a Rockstar game SOME FUCKIN DICK spoiled the ending of RDR online about 1-2hrs of gameplay before I got to the critical point.  
 I had to spend a lot of time trying to block it out in my memory before continuing

But having it spoilt right from the outset that must have been rough

Posted by Siphillis

Sorry to read this.   If it's any consolation, you guys do a damn good job moderating these forums.

Posted by abdo

Oh man, I feel so sorry for you. That sucks, big-time.

Posted by FinalDasa

Wow man, I'm sorry. Were any of these something you looked forward too greatly? I haven't been horrible spoiled yet on Screened, but I get glimpses I would prefer to avoid.

Posted by jillsandwich

Wait, who dies in ODST? I don't even remember...

I should play that again, that game was badass...

Posted by Scratch

Oh man this list makes me sad. :(

Posted by Tireyo

What did you screw up now? =-P

Edited by MormonWarrior

Boy, I wouldn't have cared about Other M. I sure love that series but holy crap does that game's story go some weird places that I don't care for. Would've saved me the trouble of getting it from GameFly if I'd had it spoiled.

Posted by ZEROprime

I think you should go play some infamous. Honestly, and unlike many of the games noted, knowing really doesn't diminish anything.