The Community that is, Giant Bomb!

I've been listening to the podcast for a little over a year now, and I've finally realized how great the website is as well. The community and features on the site are deeper and more active than I originally thought.

Watching the Euro Truck Simulator 2 First Look was the final piece of the tiny puzzle in my head, to finally pull the trigger and become a subscriber. The Giant Bomb team deserve all the support they can get.

Sometimes i'm not sure they get enough praise or thanks for what they do...

The past few months have been hard... Really hard (And i'm not the only one)

But having their bombcast each and every week has kept my spirits up and a smile on my face. And now I have more than the three hours a week with these guys. I have all that they offer with my subscription in hand. And i'm very thankful.

I hope I too can contribute to the Giant Bomb Community soon. One step at a time

- Joey