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@lifebydegrees: I really do hope they make a middle ground. I understand the 24 hour check in which to me was bogus, but if you're borrowing a digital game from a friend and you have the bandwidth to download that game... their is no reason to believe that you won't be attached to the network.

I just really hope they give us options. I know it's more work for them, but for the majority of people, their old model would have worked perfectly

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Good game..... because of all the whining, now we can't have family share accounts and share games with our friends who may not live close to us or friends who wouldn't normally buy a certain game we would and vice versa.

We are back to the old model of getting 15% of 59.99 when trading in our old games and the future wont be coming sooner for a "Steam-like" ecosystem where digital games are the predominant seller which would then afford for price cuts and deals on digital sales like their is on Steam.

If we as a gaming community rely on Physical Media and archaic pricing models like we are screaming for... we wont be seeing digital media really spreading its wings any time soon. It really is a shame to me.

Well guess I'll just have to look forward to buying the digital copy of a 5 month old game for full price or go to the store and buy the physical disk at reduced costs. Digital media will never be able to keep up with physical marketing trends if its taking the backseat.....

EDIT: Not to mention... I hope everyone likes Game specific Online Passes (Multiplayer Access Codes). Because game companies won't force the new DRM standards that upset the gaming community so much. They will just go back to what works and is accepted.


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Why are they making it so tempting to buy a Wii U even though I know I would feel dirty walking out of the store paying for this thing...

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Not sure if I'm doing "it" wrong or if their is just a problem for now linking twitter but I keep getting error page =/

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This is such a great write-up and inside story on the creator and game. I really need to play this game!!!