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So is the update from @patrickklepek saying that Sony is only storing a hash of our passwords on their system (aka they don't store our password directly but only after putting it through a hash on the system)? If they have done this (and done it properly), I guess that would mean that they've done the secure thing in this particular instance and people won't have to go changing all of their passwords.

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I just noticed this news story that a Canadian-led study says that teenage gamers (the subjects of the study) consumed on average 80 more calories at a pasta lunch and 163 more calories throughout the day compared with non-gamers. While its not much, I suspect that if you're spending a fair amount of time playing games, you might not be spending that time burning the calories off. They think its got something to do with the fact that the "mental strain of playing the devices calls out for some kind of edible reward"; given all the 'gamer' drinks and snacks that exist, somehow I feel I shouldn't be surprised.

I personally can't recall eating anything while gaming in the recently, but in the past I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't paying too much attention to how much food I was consuming while in the middle of a binge of Civ5. Maybe virtual rule is more of a mental strain than I gave it credit for.

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The proper answer and overriding answer to most of the advice you're going to get is probably to get medical advice from your doctor on how to do it properly, but as a general response you probably should just start by trying to consume all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals you need so that your body can support the growth properly, plus work out on muscle building (make sure you have a good consumption of carbohydrates and protein) to help build the muscle around those bony areas.

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Just for the record, I have no intent on getting The Sims 3 for $105 and thought the sarcasm on the amount of money vs spending $3 would have been pretty obvious. BTW, the game is pretty good for the price in case you haven't picked it up yet.

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Lifehacker always posts nice desktops like this every week. This one looks pretty good, but there are also some other really wild ones

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@Noodles said:
" @Seedofpower said:
" Are you trying to get people to look at your profile for a quest? "
If he is, I approve of his creativity. Bravo. "

Nice try
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If this is a discussion about "which is better", than iPhone wins by most metrics. If price is an issue though, I do think that an iPod Touch gives you most of what an iPhone can do without the cost.

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Okay guys - The Sims 3 Ultimate Bundle (along with all the other Sims 3 stuff) is on sale for $104.97!!!

Also in other Steam sale news, the Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Combo Pack is on sale for $3.
In all seriousness, even though the Penny Arcade games sounded pretty average, this seems like a pretty good price to buy it. Anyone else with any experience with it?
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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

" Yeah i got that one too...fuck him :) EDIT: Though i cant possibly imagine how this could be a scam...its just a resume right? though it does seem strange -.- "

I have absolutely no idea who "Jay" or "" are, so I'm not going to pass judgement on whether they're legit or not. However, I would say that if someone sent you an email/PM asking for your resume, that sounds like an awfully good data harvesting scam to me if they could hide the real source of the message (which is pretty easy). If you were actually interested, perhaps it would be better to go to the actual site and inquire about applying there rather than to reply to this particular PM unless you have a solid reason for expecting it (eg. you have gaming journalism work, signed up to a mailing list etc.)
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@sarge1445: Also I took a look at some benchmarks of some common games running on the Geforce 335M at Notebook Check. If you're thinking wanting a powerful gaming machine running stuff on high or ultra, than this is not going to cut it. Most modern games will only run on medium with this card, while games like Metro 2033 will only work with around 30FPS on low.