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@C_Rakestraw: sry, but im not a huge fan of sim games, probly should throw that into my thingy

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I have:

  • Gemini Rue
  • Shadowground/shadowgrounds survivor pack
  • 50% off Killing floor
  • 50% off IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
  • 75% off Garry's mod
  • 25% off any Valve title
  • 25% off Serious Sam 3

Want: probly game for a game, except for probly sim games

coupons pretty much anything

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Theres also Trauma team in addition to the trauma center regard. Mario galaxy is also probably a good choice. Maybe the paper mario game also.

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It could have potential if they make it open world and all that jazz and listened to the complaints of 13

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i wasn't prepared for this to happen

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uncommon infected with guns maybe O.o, other than that idk,maybe a vehicle thing in a campaign level.

Maybe a suicidal zombie that blows up, but that sounds more like a special infected and sounds OP, could be another type of uncommon infected.

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Ya BNET was broken and u couldn't gain or lose any points.

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I also forgot, buildin a bunch of flame turrets in front of the bunkers also helps wipe out a lot of the zerg. But like i said earlier, lifitng the buildings up at the end and throwing them out is a great way to buy lots of time.

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siege tanks seemed most useful to me, but i had to go with reaper because i just love how it works and harassment ability.

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I did this on brutal with usin the artifact only once. I took out the nydus. I had the 2 spots on each side filled wiht around 5 bunkers makin sorta a box witha bunch of scv's in side repairing and a lot of marines and some medics to shoot the stuff dead. there were siege tanks around also to help with that. The marines would pretty much take care of kerrigan before too much trouble happened. I had a banshee force for taking out the nydus worms. I ended up building a bunch of missle turrets just to help get the 1 use on artifact achievement. At like the last 8% or so i lifted all my buildings and threw them out, when they were far enough out kerrigan and most of the zerg just attacked the buildings and it bought so much time.