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Super looking forward to this, Black Ops was the best COD game since the first Modern Warfare and I am very looking forward to seeing what Treyarch do with this future-modern style setting.

It also helps that I am a massive GRAW fan and this sounds like they are going for a similar feel technology-wise.

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I gotta throw my support in for the bellows. So many foes run at you in this game then turning yourself into a walking inferno is always good. Pistols or musket can take care of the rest.

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Oh Swery, I would fund your game if I could.

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Too late Konami, I traded this game in like 2 weeks ago. I have no complains against Lords of Shadow, in fact I rather enjoyed it. But by this point I am gonna wait for all its dlc to be out before I consider reacquiring it.

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The aesthetics and concepts behind this game looks great, however the general gameplay doesn't really click with my fried and twitchy action orientated brain. Although I still wish it does well enough sales-wise to inspire more companies to make other real bizarre but kinda cool games on the download services.

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I am worried to be honest. The concept sounds awesome but games that focus on blending this idea between melee and shooting generally seem slightly flawed for one reason or another. I wish them luck, but I think Valhalla have a real task in front of them.

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I have to admit, I am not a fan of Obsidian. They seem to make games that are, although interesting, ultimately fairly abrasive and unenjoyable. So my interest in this is fairly low. However I'll give its trailers a fair look.

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Will Kratos be able to kill Zeus and all the other gods of Olympus? This game will tell you.

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Remember to kidnap Dave on the way out. GB needs him much more then those Whiskey Media dogs.
Good luck with the new office, hope the moving process is without insident. And if it has incident, I hope someone has a camera nearby.

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That would be much appreciated by me. Shadow Complex isn't without its flaws but it is still one of the most impressive XBLA games released thus far. I hope they continue to support it.