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Can I have the Xbox 360 version please? I will love you all forever, because I am shallow and my love can be brought with map packs. X360

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Their is a part about 4/5 of the way through that trailer where this red sports car gets hit with an electric thing and spins out, spending him from first place to seemingly last. That is the part which destroyed any interest in this game I might have had because I knew that if I was that red car I would be raging right about then.
Perhaps it will be good, in fact I hope it will be, but weapons in racers adds a random luck element which just doesn't gel right with me.

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Not good odds, but might as well stick my name in.

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Fighting Pain: The road to Ultimate Punching.

You know it makes sense.

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It's a nice feature. Thanks for putting it up on the site.

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It's possible to boost drift in a small area? I always tried to get this achievement on the I-88, I never knew that you can boost chain while spinning in the Wildcat Stadium. How difficult is that?

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I got the Legendary Cars and Island. I don't regret either although none of the other DLC really interest me.

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3 code for over 1200 users? That isn't great odds. But I will stick in my 2 cents anyway.

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The fact that the enter tank, grab foe and pick up gun is mapped to the same button on the controller (I am playing the 360 version BTW.) In certain battles I would be trying to get into a tank, but instead Alex felt like he wanted to pick up the nearest soldier. Alternatively, in other missions I go for a gun to help me fight off a Hunter only to find my character trying to grab the creature which fellow players will know grabbing Hunters isn't the best of ideas.

I only really had this problem in the first half of the game. Mainly because the aid of the whip and blade gave Alex the strength to fight off stronger hordes by himself without resorting to gun or nearly tanks.

Anyone else suffer from this problem? I would be interested to know if you developed any solutions.

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Personally, I don't really mind. It does seem a little silly basically paying the game to complete itself, however I didn't feel any pressure to get it and I guess it is nice that people have the option if they so wish.

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