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I love this thread.

Especially @shouldice's post. Love mind-bending stuff like this.

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Tex Murphy.

I played through Pandora Directive just a few years ago for the first time, and was surprised at how engaging it was. The controls are clunky as hell in a pre-WASD-as-standard way, but after getting used to them it's not a huge deal. The Tex games have a peculiar goofy charm about them that's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, though.

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I saw this in the theater in 3D before Desolation of Smaug, and it looked pretty bad. With the 3D, it was pretty much impossible to tell what was going on in the fast-paced action scenes, and whenever I could get a good look the CG just looked kinda bad. The trailer did not get me excited for the movie at all.

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@hashbrowns: The real shame is that so many artists will put up super hi-res, huge downloads up on stores like that, and the recordings will still sound like absolute shit. The trendy, "crushed" sound basically gains nothing from an "HD" audio format, as it were.

All I've got is a pair of Grado headphones, but even that completely changed my whole idea of what music could sound like. It's the kind of thing you want everyone to experience.

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Yeah, sometimes it seems like he'll pause more often than he needs in order to cover up a lack of material.

It can also get annoying when all the jokes in an episode are based on how bad the jokes are. Seems like he's been doing that a lot, lately - making a bad pun, and then looking at the audience as if to say "Hey, that was a really bad joke, right?"

That being said, I still find his show entertaining overall, and when he really gets his satirical claws out it's fucking awesome.

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@hailinel: I believe he's referring to the incident in which Kuchera expressed a very harsh attitude towards a Forbes games guy who made a mistake in one of his articles.

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Sorry for the dumb question, but it's not on the front page anymore. What time is GB starting its PS4 stream?

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Didnt Kojima say his announcement was "Mind-blowing"?

Yes he did. Typical Kojima trolling.