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Super excited for this! I like the idea of a documentary / commentary on a game. The only bad thing is I already shelled out for the Red Kratos PSP3000 when Chains of Olympus came out so I won't be getting this PSP bundle.

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Gotta say this is the game that has most surprised me so far lol. Doesn't sound unawesome though.

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I want a download code!

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Whats 2 cents in microsoft space-bucks?

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PSN ID - zophar53
Location - Cleveland, OH, US
Microphone - Yes
Currently Playing - Dead Space, The Orange Box, MK vs DC Universe, Mirrors Edge, and Beyond Good & Evil for the Vintage Game Club.  Online I play mostly COD4, Burnout Paradise, and prolly SF2THDR and MK vs DC.

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Definately cover 3!  I voted already, go and vote for cover 3!

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Never mind, just found the thread below about the same thing.  Guess I should check all of them first.

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Is anybody else having trouble beating the last boss???  I get all the way there and don't have a clue what to do.  The only thing I can do is just sit there and get hit by all his damn rockets and die right off the bat!

What am I supposed to do?  Can anybody help?

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Yes, this game is insane on Crushing difficulty.  I just beat it and I am super proud of myself!  Although I did die about 500 times in the process, it was worth it.

A lot of the previous tips are very good.  Take your time, play it safe, duck under cover a LOT, don't come up for more time than it takes to kill one enemy at a time, and if you get hit once or twice and still aren't dead, stop immediately and wait for your health to recover because the next bullet WILL kill you.  Also, it helped a lot to walk into an area and then back up again behind a tunnel or wall once the enemies are triggered.  This way you can kind of funnel them because on this difficulty setting, they are quick to come and find you!  The trick about sometimes not using cover and aim while inching around a corner works very well too.  But I did all this and still died a helluva lot.  After playing the same area about 10-15 times you start thinking about better, safer routes and ways to do it so it does teach you to play the game more skillfully and differently than on the other difficulty settings.   I had to play Crushing pretty differently and use a lot different tactics than I had to on the others.  Keep at it and you'll get there eventually!

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