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I totally get it. Ryan's passing hit me really hard as well, even though I'd never met him and was never going to. On the one hand it felt weird to feel so much over someone seemingly so disconnected from me. But the truth is, I'd followed him and his work literally for years, since the early days of GameSpot. Hearing and watching him every week, along with his colleagues (who were clearly some of his closest friends) made it feel like I really did know them all. The strong personality focus of Giant Bomb only made that stronger. To be honest, because of that, and the fact that his writing and talking of games was so influential to me, both my own writing and how I played and thought about video games, it's not an exaggeration to say Ryan had a bigger impact on me and my life than anyone else outside of my family. That's why it me, and others, so hard. Godspeed Ryan Davis, we miss you still.

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Super excited for this! I like the idea of a documentary / commentary on a game. The only bad thing is I already shelled out for the Red Kratos PSP3000 when Chains of Olympus came out so I won't be getting this PSP bundle.

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Gotta say this is the game that has most surprised me so far lol. Doesn't sound unawesome though.

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I want a download code!

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Whats 2 cents in microsoft space-bucks?

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PSN ID - zophar53
Location - Cleveland, OH, US
Microphone - Yes
Currently Playing - Dead Space, The Orange Box, MK vs DC Universe, Mirrors Edge, and Beyond Good & Evil for the Vintage Game Club.  Online I play mostly COD4, Burnout Paradise, and prolly SF2THDR and MK vs DC.

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Definately cover 3!  I voted already, go and vote for cover 3!

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Never mind, just found the thread below about the same thing.  Guess I should check all of them first.

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Is anybody else having trouble beating the last boss???  I get all the way there and don't have a clue what to do.  The only thing I can do is just sit there and get hit by all his damn rockets and die right off the bat!

What am I supposed to do?  Can anybody help?

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