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As other people have said in this topic, the movie is pretty good up to the power of love stuff. Most of the sci-fi stuff is good (not scientifically correct, but they at least try), the acting is mediocre, and the visuals are hit or miss.

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Yeah, I have a friend... <__< ... >__> .... who has used a cheat engine before with games from steam, and he didn't have any issues. Just make sure that you only do it for single player games, or in single player mode.

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darn, i was hoping that the specs would be lower... for the most part i meet the min specs, except my cpu is a old i7 920... so yeah... hopefully that won't matter, i really don't want to upgrade my cpu/motherboard/ram again... mainly since i don't want to have to deal with formatting my hard drives and dealing with windows 7 drm stuff.

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I always find the bottom of the list to be very interesting (the games with 1 vote for 10th place usually). Hmm... so someone liked Defiance, ok, didn't see that coming. Looks like a lot of the bottom games this year were games that came out in previous years. One of the few exceptions to that is Mercenary Kings... never did play that game, it looked like it was fun, guess it wasn't since only one person put it on their list at their 10th place.

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Woah, i guess that the game might actually be exclusive after all... Well, i guess they got to do what they got to do (to sell consoles).

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Here is my list what i find so shocking about all of this is that I found out that I only played about 16 titles this year (that came out this year, in total i played around 126 games this year, but most of them were release in the last few years).... i have been snooping on other people's list to see if i missed anything, and the only thing i have found so far is Shadowrun dragonfall (which i haven't played yet, but if i get around to it before dec 30, i'll add it to my list).

So yeah... i guess this shouldn't be a surprise to me, since am usually a year to two behind everyone else on gaming (i'll prolly get far cry 4, south park, watch dogs, gta5, shadow of morder, beyond earth, etc.. etc... next year or the one after).

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"a free month of Premium" you say. Well in that case, am in. Also, thanks for doing this Rorie.

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I have to say that I found this announcement to be disappointing. While i do like blizzard games a lot, i am not interested in another team based shooter, especially one that doesn't seem to add anything new. This game to me looks a lot like a clone of Super Monday Night Combat, which while fun, isn't something that I want.

Edit: added a link to Super Monday Night Combat

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I am having the same issue (twitter, haven't notice any video issues yet). I am using Chrome, on Win 7 x 64.