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What i find most upsetting about this season was the numerous unused, or pointless items (bullets, nail file thingy, etc...). It just seem to me that parts of the game/story were cut, numerous times.

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Hey, if you still have it, can i get the key for Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods and Kings DLC (i tried searching the thread, but i didn't see it (maybe someone claim it already and used a different name)). If so thanks, and if not, still thanks for giving us this offer.

Edit: NM, i did some more searching, and people already ask for the dlc (although they didn't use the full name, which is way it didn't turn up on my first search).

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Anyone know what the bullets were for? I didn't use them for anything. At one point Argo drops his gun, but you don't get it, and don't need... so am not sure what the ammo was for.

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Well the Humble Bundle added some games, and since i already had one of them, i figure i would give it away:


Hmm... steamgifts is down right now, so i guess i'll gift this to the winner tomorrow (or whenever the site comes back up), sorry for the delay.

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This is what i thought of when i saw the trailer:

Bender does it better imo.

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I was thinking about it for a long time, but i decided that i shoudn't. My backlog of games is over 50 long, and i don't have the time to spend in a mmo... but then again...

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@moonlightmoth: Thanks moth for all the giveaways (even though i haven't won any of them :( ).

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